10 Best Turntables Under $500 in 2021

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These are our best Turntables under $500 reviewed by audiophiles who have been in the field for a long time.

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Written by SaifZiya

Do you seek experts’ advice on the “Best Turntable Under $500”? If you’re not a pro audiophile, odds are you could end up buying a turntable with specifications no use to you. If you’re just stepping into the whole new world of DJing, investing in the best turntable under $500, or $1000, or $ 2000 is a key to making history in the music industry.

First things first, the turntables that you invest in must be offering the bang for your bucks or you could end up breaking the bank. Put differently, you must pick out reasonably-priced, highly rated, and sturdy disc spinner or it will break before. Our pro experts have helped us review the tip-top turntables from different brands so you could see which vinyl disk spinner is the best turntable in 2020 under 500 dollars.

Best Turntable Under $500

Buying a turntable (on sale or regularly) requires having in-depth knowledge of the record player because there are some Dos keeping which in mind is highly recommended. That’s the only way to ensure the longest lifetime of the vinyl collection. If you’re not concerned about affordability and look up the best turntable under $500, you must be getting all the model features in a vinyl record player.

Records are precious and making sure they aren’t damaged (i.e. they live on for decades) and you get the top-notch sound quality out of your turntable is extremely significant, and what’s more, they must be available under the budget or no one is going to purchase them. The problem, however, is not that minor, other awareness becomes a prerequisite when it comes to buying the top-of-the-line turntables.

Let’s shed some lights on the best vintage turntables, starting from the #1 underneath:

1. Audio-Technica LP120XUSB-SV Turntable Review


  • Hi-Fi Audio quality
  • Motor: DC servo motor with selectable RPM
  • Vinyl to Digital conversion
  • Manually operable
  • Causes minimum vibration
  • Features tip-tip tonearm
  • Intuitive playback controls
  • Popup stylus for easier cueing
  • Connectivity: USB, Analog
  • Weighs only 20.15 lbs

This one-of-its-kind turntable from Audio Technica is one of the best audiophile turntables under $500 and that’s has topped the list, becoming the #1 to meet your Hi-Fi audio needs. It can be effortlessly connected via USB or Analog – a child’s play.

Speaking of its features, it’s a fully manually operable disk spinner, meaning selecting the RPM speeds based on your requirements (78, 45, or 33). It supports direct-drive and comes with a DC servo motor which is the secret of its ultimate records production.

Converting your vinyl records into digital has never been easier. Install “Audacity” software on your Mac or another PC and do the conversion all the way through a USB connection. If you have trouble using Audacity, there are many other software that will do the same.

Audio Technica features intuitive playback controls that will help you adjust the tempo range, pitch, and lock the quartz pitch. This record player also presents a tonearm which makes it modern and Hi-Fi disk spinner to the next level, not to mention the availability of “Anti-skate” control.

This Direct-Drive disk spinner comes with many accessories including USB cable, AC adopter, RCA output cable, 45 RPM adopter, dust cover, and other add-ons.


  • It delivers the Hi-Fi audio quality for your records
  • Features fully operable functions for manual usage
  • Converts vinyl records to digital ones
  • Gives you a professional touch with minimized vibration
  • Presents a ‘Tone Arm’ along with the ‘Locks’
  • Do DJing like a pro with highly intuitive playback controls
  • Unbelievable connectivity options: Phono Line and USB
  • Comes packed with worthwhile accessories
    Gets more of cueing even in the low light using a pop-up light stylus


  • It’s not an automatic turntable

2. Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable Review


  • Easily operable
  • Automatic: get tonearm at its resting spot once it
  • finishes playing the records
  • Operated at two speeds
  • Hi-Fi audio quality
  • Use with a wired connection or wirelessly
  • The platter comes with stability
  • Get improved tracking via tonearm
  • Weighs 7.93 pounds

If you had an opportunity to take the connectivity option of your turntable to the next level, wouldn’t you do something? If wired connectivity is not your cup of tea, don’t be sad as engineers have found the solution to that too, introducing a whole new world of wireless turntable world. If you’re trying to find the best automatic turntable under 500 bucks, this won’t let you down.

Gone are the days when listening to your favorite vinyl records through a model technology (wirelessly i.e. via Bluetooth) used to be rocket science since this Sony PS-LX310BT can be taken for granted as the best turntable under 500 dollars and is fully operable through the BT technology and what’s more, it’s fully automatic which will never let you down, and the sleek styling will have you amazed.

What if you don’t want to use it with a wired connection? Well, Sony has you back there too – connect it the way you like – either via Bluetooth or using USB. Want to make it even more exciting? Customize your order by adding BT speakers (available in black and blue colors) or add buy turntable with a receiver.

The Sony PS-LX310BT allows you to play your looked-for tracks at the RPM of 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm. Coming to the platter, you will get a highly stable one that will give you a boosted clarity and minimize all the vibrations that become a bane of your existence sometimes.


  • Fully automatic, allowing the tonearm to get at its resting place once it’s done with playing tracks
  • Freedom: play using a wired connection or rely on a wireless one that uses Bluetooth technology
  • Get most out of your music using ‘gain select switch’ for distortion-free and best audio level: low, mid, and high
  • Stay stabilized with the help of the aluminum platter, making sure you get the clearer music experience, yet lightweight
  • Convert your preferred vinyl tracks into digital files, thanks to the USB ripping
  • Features thick dust that will give you the perfect pitch when it comes to getting a less-distorted playback


  • There are no cons considering the price range

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK Professional Turntable


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Type: Direct-drive Professional Turntable
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Features Manual Cartridge/Headshell
  • Comes with an AC cord
  • Causes less vibration i.e. gives more stability
  • Converts vinyl to digital files
  • Forward/reverse function, variable pitch operation and more
  • Popup stylus for low light conditions
  • Features lockable rest and highly balanced tonearm
  • Extra accessories included in the pack
  • Weighs 23.50 lbs (pounds)

This is a professional turntable brought to the table by Audio Technica. Just like the one reviewed above, the AT-LP120BK is also capable of giving you switchable connectivity options and if you are into turntable reviews under $500, pay close attention to this one. Connect either using a USB or get started with a Phone Line connection.

There’s a high-torque motor installed on this pro turntable, adds an extra layer to the robustness, allowing you to play the tracks at different speeds, namely 78/45/33. Stay amazed by a professional die-cast aluminum platter that diminishes the vibration and puts an end to resonance.

Convert your tracks from vinyl to the digital tracks like a pro using the, highly compatible with the software like Audacity for better performance in conversion. There’s also a recording software, however, there’s no wireless technology we get to see here. But you will get dual RCA cable: female (3.5 mm) and male (3.5 mm). Again, there’s a pop-up stylus for getting your work done in the low-light conditions (my favorite).

Get more of the features along with the pros and cons below and get your mind around why it’s considered to be the best turntable under $500 by the people:


  • Get ultimate results with a direct-drive, high-torque motor
  • Easily convert your vinyl tracks into the digital form for resourcefulness
  • It causes less vibration during the playback and doesn’t make noise in the meantime
  • Features a top-notch cartridge
  • Get one-of-its-kind balance through a tonearm
  • Unmatched playback controls like reverse/forward, speed adjustment, pitch regulator, along with the quartz speed lock
  • Getting dark? Don’t be sad, the popup stylus allows you to be playful even in the low lights
  • Connect it the way you like and play the sound of love – use phono line or go with the USB connection


  • It doesn’t feature wireless connectivity which may be a thing for you if you’re looking for a wireless turntable

4. Pioneer PLX-500-K Turntable Review


  • Unmatched Sound Design
  • Features a slip mat
  • Comes with a dust cover along with a jacket stand
  • Introduces robust Headshell (with cartridge)
  • Availability of USB: Yes
  • Speed of rotation (in RPM): 45, 33⅓, and 78
  • Start Time: 1 Second
  • Method: Servo-type direct drive
  • Type of Motor: Brushless, 3-phase motor
  • Offers a smooth and stabilized playback
  • Also features Cover Art Display
  • Weighs 10.7 kg

If you love DJing, you might already have been astounded by the vinyl giant, Pioneer, and then PLX500K a.k.a. ‘Pioneer Pro DJ’ comes into play which completely changes your perception about music and sound production. Being an Amazon’s choice, this next-level pro turntable produces like-experienced-before excellent vinyl sound and it is built as robust as PLX-1000. Not only is it give you a top-of-the-line music experience, but it’s also considered as the best turntable under $500 and most of the DJs use this vintage disk spinner in their record making.

Why invest in an entry-level turntable when you can showcase your DJing skills without breaking the bank? Yes, you read it right – the PLX-500K is reasonably priced considering the functionality it brings to the table. Recording your tracks by connecting this A-one turntable with your PC is a child’s play even for the beginners.

This extraordinary turntable gives you options like no other. Make use of PLX-500 in the end-to-end process of mixing and scratching your vinyl like a pro. Not just that, the over-the-top controls give you the opportunity to combine all the way through DVS, a DJ mixer, or play with your records using an RB-VS1-K.


  • PLX500K is designed to produce a first-rate sound design which is one of the must-have essentials in DJing
  • Converting your vinyl tracks into digital ones works like a charm, no hassles at all
  • Unlike other disk spinners, this one allows you to even show ‘Cover Art’
  • If scratching and mixing is your kind of thing, this one is a perfect fit for you, compatible with a DVS, a DJ mixer
  • Even if you don’t know anything about the mixing or scratching, you can get it all started from scratch, no biggie at all


  • Though it may be priced a little higher in comparison with others, we didn’t find any issue with usage

5. Victrola Navigator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Review


  • Brand: Victrola
  • 8-in-1, 3-speed Turntable with recording
  • Supports CD, Cassette Player, USB, Bluetooth, FM
  • Radio, and a 3.5mm aux-in
  • Features an inbuilt audio speaker
  • Also houses a remote control system
  • Classic design

If you ever had a chance of getting an 8-in-1 turntable that supported wireless connectivity, wouldn’t you give it a shot? What if it also supported remote control, among other invaluable features? We know you’d do that, wouldn’t you?

We’re talking about Victrola 3-speed turntable that comes packed with a remote control system that its box will give you a nostalgic vibe. There are 8 different ways to play your most favorite music like a pro with this turntable.

There’s more to this Victrola turntable that just meets the eye – it has embedded headphone and USB port, houses an FM radio system, cassette, and CD player, and most importantly, it can be made use of wirelessly, courtesy of BT technology.

Apart from listening to your much-loved music without the need of any cord, you can play singled out vinyl tracks at your preferred speed: 45, 33 1/3 or 78. We all love getting our tracks converted to MP3 file format, and guess what, this is where this turntable has your back, allowing you to export your tracks to MP3.


  • A never-seen-before 8-in-1 nostalgic music center
  • Houses a CD and Cassette player along with Bluetooth connectivity, and an FM radio
  • Allows the conversion of vinyl records to MP3 within a short span of time
  • Beautiful construction of real wood for a nostalgic vibe
  • Connect the system to your computer using USB and record directly there


  • Can’t be used in the low-light environments
  • Can’t show the ‘Cover Art’ while playing the music

6. Fluance RT81 Elite Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable Review


  • Brand: Fluance
  • Pure analog hi-fi turntable for amazing sound quality
  • Color: Black & walnut
  • Features a robust cartridge
  • Comes in a beautifully crafted wood with a walnut finishing
  • Gives you ultimate clarity in your music
  • Incorporates premium components
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Houses a dust cover
  • Comes with a 45 adaptor
  • Also has a rubber slip mat

As you’ve read above about what Audio-Technica accessories are capable of doing, you will find this turntable even more satisfactory since it includes the accessories from Audio-Technica, such as its A-one Cartridge. This record player has caught the attention of so many DJs that it has now become Amazon’s choice.

This Fluance RT81( similar to Fluance RT82) Elite turntable is assembled to last longer than your imagination with a stronger cartridge, not to mention it yields higher precious with more accuracy. When it comes to superior record tracking, you will get the most out of it, ensuring you will get to listen to every tiny detail because stylus will rest right where it needs to.
This turntable has been crafted with the beautiful real wood that will give you an attractive finishing of walnut. It also features a top-notch inbuilt preamp which will make sure the true, warm, and crystal-clear sound so you don’t have to compromise on sound quality. To see more of what it’s got room for, continue to the features segment underneath:


  • The Fluance ATN95E incorporates an inbuilt preamp which is sufficient to get started with your records
  • Can be operated at two speeds: 45 and 33 1/3 RPM
  • It also supports ‘Auto-stop’ so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything (see questions)
  • Customers are highly satisfied with this turntable which is why it’s been listed as ‘Amazon’s Choice’
  • Provides you with ‘Lifetime Customer Support’ as well
  • It is a lightweight turntable and only weighs 14.1 pounds (lbs)
  • Since it is made of solid auto-grade (MDF) wood, there’ll be no chance for the vibrations


  • Doesn’t feature the wireless connectivity

7. Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK Automatic Stereo Turntable Review


  • Drive Method: Belt Drive
  • Fully Automatic Turntable
  • Operates on 33 1/3 and 45
  • Features Switchable Phono/Line Pre-amplifier
  • Anti-shake Disk Spinner: Yes
  • Comes with a 45 RPM adapter and a detachable dust cover
  • Universal Headshell
  • 4mm Platter Mat
  • Available in Black and White

This extraordinary turntable offers a fully automatic operation, allowing you to start and stop using two buttons. In addition, it also incorporates hydraulically damped lift controls, allowing you to have more precision and clarity as far as listening to your preferred vinyl records is concerned.

Get minimized resonance, courtesy of more stable die-cast aluminum platter. The records that you own can be played at two speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM which gives you extra functionality. Even you can connect to a home stereo using the inbuilt switchable phono preamp along with dual RCA output.

Get unmatched and Hi-Fi performance with moving magnet phono cartridge on top of 1/2″ mount universal Headshell which does a great job. This turntable has been designed with the needs of DJs in mind for never-seen-before experience.


  • You will meet unmatched playback controls that you will merely see in the automatic turntables
  • It’s fully automatic, allowing you to turn the turntable on and off using two buttons
  • Incorporating a 1/2″ mount universal Headshell along with a dual phono cartridge, this disk spinner allows you to experience first-class sound design
  • Your favorite vinyl tracks can be played at two speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Connect to your home stereo with dual RCA output that’s possible by means of a switchable phono preamp


  • It doesn’t supper the USB function
  • There’s no electronic brake system
  • Not based on wireless technology

8. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable Review


  • Brand: Victrola
  • 3-speed recording available: 33 1/3, 4, and 75 RPM
  • Highly portable and flexible (carry like a suitcase)
  • Features an inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Line out for the non-BT devices, such as a CD player
  • The headphone jack also available
  • Houses all the playback controls
  • Weighs only 2.69 lbs
  • Good build quality
  • Wireless connectivity via BT available
  • Also incorporates sound quality
  • Good for newcomers

    This is the only turntable that is available in 32 different colors which could be a plus point for those who love to customize their product based on just color. Apart from being ‘Amazon’s Choice’, this wireless turntable is more than just meets the eye.

    It’s a 3-speed turntable i.e. it can be operated at 33 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM. Coming to flexibility and portability, it can be used in your living room, office, or your studio. On top of that, you can close it and take anywhere with you like a suitcase. It’s a premium record player that minimizes the vibrations (resonance) for the ultimate vinyl experience.

    It also has inbuilt Bluetooth speakers that can be used for streaming your vinyl records. Even if you want to connect to the external speakers, you can do that using stereo RCA outputs or line input connection can be used for the CD player. For daily personal usage, you can also make use of the headphone jack.


    • Works like a charm with a Bluetooth-enabled device (up 33 ft. away)
    • It’s highly rated and very well-priced turntable, especially for beginners
    • Features an inbuilt BT speaker to play your records at one of three speeds you love
    • What’s more impressive about this turntable is that it’s highly portable can be ported like a suitcase
    • It only weighs 2.69 lbs which makes it a lightweight turntable
    • Brings all the basic controls you need for your vinyl to the table like a volume knob, and also an auto-stop switch that stops the playing records


    • Not many functions available

    9. Fluance RT80 Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable Review


    • Company: Fluance
    • Classic Hi-Fi Turntable
    • 2-speed playback at 33 1/3 or 45 RPM
    • Superior Stylus for Pure Listening Experience
    • It’s designed for those who are serious about DJing
    • It comes with the premium components
    • Incorporates an ‘Aluminum Felt Mat Platter Type’
    • Lightweight: Weighs only 9.90 lbs

    The Fluance RT80 houses the premium functions that will blow your mind, apart from the fact it offers the unmatched sound quality i.e. it’s a belt-driven disk spinner that produces the next-level sound design right in accordance with the intention of the artist using the record player.

    Although it’s been modeled by Fluance, it still rocks the Audio-Technica’s cartridge which adds an extra layer to the clarity of your vinyl records. Get accuracy and Hi-Fi audio with the help of the diamond-tipped stylus which help effortlessly track the precision and grooves of your tracks.

    There’s an aluminum platter that helps reduce the vibrations that are caused during the playback of your records. The preamp adds a next-level experience in the clarity of the songs and the true and warm sound while playing your vinyl tracks can be made sure through the gold-plated RCA line.


    • Whether it is EP or LP vinyl track you want to play, making sure you get stunning audio quality is its prime responsibility
    • It’s a perfect turntable for listening to longer playbacks
    • The pure analog entertainment system comes pretty handily, courtesy of higher-up stylus
    • It’s been specially designed for those who want to take DJing or Vinyl serious, that’s what  to isolation feet and aluminum platter
    • If you’re addicted to listening to your favorite vinyl music for longer periods, this turntable is a perfect piece for you
    • Considering the price range, getting the premium components is quire phenomenal
    • Being an entry-level turntable as well, it’s also good for the newbies (beginners)


    • Not a wireless turntable

    10. Victrola 50’s Retro 3-Speed Turntable Review


    • Brand: Victrola
    • Features 3-speed playback at 33 1/3, 78, and 45 rpm
    • Easily converts from vinyl to MP3 tracks
    • Stereo speakers and inbuilt CD player
    • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth (up to 33 meters)
    • Headphones connectivity via 3.5mm jack
    • lightweight: Only weighs 8.65 lbs

    Victrola has been one step ahead from the competition for its turntables are reasonably priced and that’s why DJs or music lovers get the disk spinners from them. Apart from being one of the best turntables under $500, it features more than what’s on the surface.

    Featuring a 3-speed turntable, it can be used to play your beautiful vinyl records at the speed of 33 1/3, 78, and 45 (RPM). What’s surprising here is that it also houses an option for the USB connectivity which makes the recording super easy (almost a child’s play). It’s compatible with your normal PC or Mac).

    On top of that, the wireless connectivity allows you to play your preferred vinyl tracks from 33 feet away. If you get bored listening to your vinyl records or you run out of them, inbuilt FM radio with the backlit tuner is there to chill you out.

    You can also connect your headphones to your vinyl player using a 3.5mm jack and if that’s what you’re up to, perhaps you would like to make use of the CD player which comes built-in into this turntable. Most significantly, you can do the conversion of your vinyl tracks into the MP3 file format.


    • Featuring the 3-speed playback of your preferred vinyl records, it allows you to dive into the recording at 45, 78, and 33 1/3 RPM
    • Recording on your PC using a USB connection has been a piece of cake lately on this turntable
    • Get wireless and listen to your favorite streams using a BT connection (up to 33 feet away)
    • If you’re fed of listening to tracks, it’s time to switch to the radio option, don’t forget to make use of the 3.5 mm Aux-in and headphones jack
    • Get nostalgic entertainment ready: make use of the CD player
      Offers the bang for your bucks


    • Doesn’t support the ‘Cover Art’ functionality

    Things to Look For When Buying Best Turntable Under $500

    What are experts’ recommendations or tips by the pro DJs one needs to keep in mind when investing in a turntable? This is because when you purchase the best turntable under $500, $600, $700, or $1000, you’re getting it for years, not for just a couple of months.

    Being a novice, this could be kind of annoying if you have no idea about the ins and outs of purchasing a vinyl record player, but the good news is that you don’t have to panic because our experts got your back.

    We don’t have to tell you how a turntable works because we believe you already know that.

    Manual vs. Automatic vs. Semi-automatic

    There’re basically three types of vinyl record players or best turntables under $500 that you can purchase from the market or online.

    Manual: If you invest in a manual record player, you will need to put and remove the needle on the disk on your own.
    Automatic: In this type of disk spinner, what you are supposed to do is simply use the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ buttons to put the needle on the disk i.e. you don’t have to touch the needle.
    Semi-automatic: In a semi-automatic vinyl record player, you have to just place the needle once and it will automatically lift off once the track has been played till the end.

    Speed & Size

    The speed of the vinyl player is another significant aspect that plays a huge role in the end-to-end process of producing quality music while getting the best turntable under $500. Mainly, a turntable brings two or three types of speeds to life. For example, when it comes to a 7-inch player, it will allow you to play at the speed of 45 RPM, 12-inch player at 33 RPM, and 10-inch player at 78 RPM respectively.

    Is Your Turntable Upgradeable?

    If you’re serious about DJing or record making, you should invest in a turntable that lasts longer and whose parts can be replaced or upgraded in the future, and most important you should get the best turntable under $500 (dollars). The higher-end models allow you to expand their functionality or upgrade the components.

    When the time comes, you may need to change:

    • Platter
    • Stylus
    • Tonearm

    Apart from the aforesaid components, there could some other that could get your attention.


    How much you have to spend on your turntable could also affect you financially and that’s one of the things that matters a lot because no one wants to break the bank. That’s why we suggest you look for the best turntable under $500 so you don’t have to spend too much money.

    Therefore, when you purchase, ensure you’re getting a turntable that offers the bang for your bucks if you’re concerned about the affordability. That’s why we have listed reasonably-priced turntables on this page for your convenience.

    Wireless vs. Wired Turntable

    Gone are the days when everyone used wired turntable (that used cords). With modern technologies, there have been innovations that led to the Bluetooth turntables which might have you surprised because you can get the most out of your vinyl record player all the way through the Bluetooth connectivity.

    On the flip side, some people still love the turntables with wired connectivity. So, it is up to you what kind of turntable you’re on the lookout for – a wireless or wired turntable.


    How much your turntable weighs also changes the perception about the disk spinner because you don’t want to purchase a heavy-weight disk player if you have trouble placing it at your place. What’s more, if you get a lightweight vinyl record player, you’re most likely to get the most out of its portability.

    The lighter the turntable, the better portability it will bring to the table.

    These are the fine points that one needs to strongly pay heed to at the time of purchasing a turntable. In addition, ensure you get a top-notch, heavy-duty motor that offers better audio playback and ergonomic and beautiful design also makes your turntable one-of-its-kind.

    What Do You Think?

    Do you think there should be something else that should be kept in mind while you purchase a high-end turntable? We’d love to add your invaluable thoughts to this editorial. Share the experience you have had with the vinyl record player (turntable), it would add a lot of value for the people who are on the lookout for the best turntable under $500 or $100, especially the newcomers.

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    Best Turntables under 500 Dollars: Final Word

    Turntables' technology changes like that of other machines. So, the turntable that you buy in this day and age might introduce better features in future. Still, you don’t have to think about what’s to be innovated in the future because even that model will get old with time, however, when it comes to features, you have to ask yourself ‘Is this what I need?’ and hat’s how you will get the answer which will allow you to eventually make your mind towards buying one of the best turntables under $500 or even lesser than that, $50, $100, $200, $300, or $400, for example.