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Nexera Record Player Stand Review



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Lumiwood Record Player Stand



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 Winsome Record Player Stand

You’ve bought a record player, right?

Question is, where to place it to get your space organized?

Now, you’d say, ‘Of course, on a record player stand’, but the problem is that there are tons of record player stands (or tables) with storage, allowing you to store you speakers, amplifiers, books, or other daily use items (stands with drawers).

That being said, finding the perfect-fit record player table could be a bane of your existence, especially if you have no idea about the nuts and bolts of the vinyl stands.

Why on earth is it considered uneasy?

Well, it’s because picking out the best record player by taking the top vinyl stands (available on market) into consideration requires deep research. To dig that up, you need to spend your days and nights trying to find the best pick.

What if you could have the opportunity to skip that part – the part where you’re supposed to study or research vinyl stands?

Yes, we are talking about experts’ advice on ‘Which record player stand is the best one?’ so you could get the top stand without hurting yourself financially and mentally, the same as we did on ‘turntable stands’ earlier.

That’s why we concluded this article by choosing the ‘Top’, ‘Premium’, and ‘Budget’ picks for you.

10 Best Record Player Stands

Do you want to know about the best record stands so that not only cap you put your one-of-its-kind, top-of-the-line vinyl record on top of it but also your vinyl records in the shelves?

If that’s what you want, let’s get started.

1. Victrola Wooden Record Player Stand Review


  • Brand: Victrola
  • Reasonably priced: value for money
  • Color: Black, White, Mahogany, Espresso, Oak
  • Real-wood structure
  • Capable of storing your vinyl LPs/EPs
  • Perfect-fit for all Victrola record players
  • Weighs only 5.73 lbs
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble (comes with a step-wise guide)

Victrola has been bringing innovations latterly in of vinyl record player stand industry. Not only its vinyl stands offer high rigidity but also most of the stands are reasonably priced, meaning the newbies can also show interest in their products.

The real-wood construction gives you a full-of-life experience and it allows you to appropriately store up to 50 vinyl records, increases organizing. It comes in 5 different colors, giving you an option to go with the one you’re in love with. Mahogany is our favorite.

Does assembling the vinyl stand gives you a heartbreak? Assembling this piece of the stand is a piece of cake (no brainer) – you can take our word for it. It’s extremely lightweight which also increases the possibility of the portability so you could move it without requiring a second person, same as in assembling.

It features a step-by-step guide to assemble it as well.


  • If you already own a Victrola record player, you’d love it for all vinyl players from Victrola
  • It aces complimenting your room or the accessories you’ve stored in it
  • This record player is made of a real word, being an inflexible stand that lasts long
  • Allows other items, such as vinyl records (disks), or an accessory bag
  • Assembling is not a hard job and it’s lightweight too
  • Since it’s not overly priced, it’s worth the money


  • Only 1 shelf and no drawers

2. Lumiwood Record Player Stand Review


  • Brand: Lumiwood
  • Top-rated record player table
  • Designed especially for vinyl record players
  • Stores vinyl, records, and amplifier altogether
  • Features stylish hairpin legs
  • Made of quality piece of furniture
  • Worth every penny
  • Perfectly fits anywhere in your house
  • Delivered as quickly as possible

Looking for a handmade best buy record player stand that nails the looks, productivity, and get everything organized?

If affirmative, this Lumiwood record player table or cabinet or console is everything you need. Its top-of-the-line design is what draws audiophiles’ attention towards itself.

It’s made of most durable Ashwood that increases the odds that it will last longer than you could possibly make up in your mind. The hairpin legs add an extra layer to the fashionable design.

This player stands easily wins the heart of people for it features a classy look and delivers exactly what it promises. Some people prefer a vinyl stand that can store all three things in the first place: vinyl, amplifier, and records. And this does a pretty job when it comes to storing the collection of all three.

This Lumiwood’s record player stand has been built only for the vinyl record player, not for larger devices, such as TV, however, it fits the amplifier without any hassle.

If you love your vinyl record player (turntable), you’d definitely find it satisfactory.


  • Highly rated vinyl stand (people’s choice)
  • Flawlessly fits most of the vinyl players
  • It’s capable of storing your vinyl player on top, amplifier, and the vinyl records with ease
  • Designed with the ‘Audiophiles’ love for vinyl players’ in mind, not for a TV
  • Audiophiles are extremely satisfied with this stand
  • It’s made from the solid long-lasting Oakwood which gives you an increased life
  • It’s designed to last longer because of the strong material – you won’t be disappointed by it


  • A little expensive, however, considering the premium quality, it’s a great pick

3. Lumiwood Record Player Stand Review


  • Brand: Lumiwood
  • Made from the solid Oak
  • Specifically designed for the vinyl lovers – audiophiles
  • Everywhere you lay it out, it complements your room
  • One stand used for different purposes
  • Stores all you want it to – vinyl, records, and an amp
  • It’s 15” wide
  • It’s 27” tall
  • It’s 29” lengthy

Lumiwood just nails the craftsmanship when it comes to designing the sturdy and exceptional record player tables, and this one is another stand that looks a lot like the one we just reviewed above. What’s surprising here is that it’s exceptionally durable. So, purchase it once and forget about the maintenance of something.

Assembling it won’t be a pain in the neck, even a single person can bring it together and it also offers the portability, so moving it from your drawing room to the living room won’t be a problem. It’s made from the unbreakable natural Oakwood which boosts the possibility that it will last longer.

Whether you’d love to put your amplifier or vinyl records in the stand, Lumiwood has got your back. There’s a separate slot for stacking your vinyl records. This vinyl record stand is known for the top-notch material and sturdiness.

Insofar the dimensions of this vinyl stand matter, this is 27” tall, 15” wide, and 37” long, says the official specifications of this stand. Therefore, placing it anywhere in your room won’t be a thing whatsoever.


  • It’s built to live longer for it’s made from solid Ash
  • Can be used as a medial console, turntable stand, daily use items like books
  • Those who love to experience Hi-Fi audio sound will fall their head over heels in love with this stand
  • Gives you a premium look you won’t find in any other record player table
  • Assembling it is a child’s play and it can be done easily by a single person


  • Top-of-the-line record stand

4. Way Basics 2-Shelf Record Player Stand Review

Key Features:

  • Stores up to 170+ vinyl records
  • Built to hold more than just a vinyl player
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Offers lifespan guarantee
  • Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly paperboard
  • Features 2 shelves for extra storage
  • Very strong material that is built to last longer (see video)
  • Value for money
  • Weighs 11.9 lbs only
  • Durable and sturdy

If you look forward to storing more just your vinyl record player on the stand, this WayBasics’ vinyl stand will keep you satisfied, not to mention the lifetime guarantee.

Place your vinyl on the top surface, your vinyl records in the 1st shelf, and books on the 2nd shelf, or perhaps you could like to insert your photo album because there’s enough space for everything to fit in.

The best thing is that you don’t need anyone’s help in assembling it, everything is pretty easy. Each shelf is capable of holding 85 LPs – that’s a total of 170 records we are talking about which is more than what’s usually offered in the vinyl stands.

Its stylish look will complement the place, wherever you fit it in. Though designed for holding vinyl players, it offers the capability of storing more than that – books, lamps, toys, and flower pots either on the top or on the shelves.


  • Strong material: it’s unlikely to fall apart for top-class material has been used
  • Allows you to place your vinyl records, amplifier, books, etc., in 2-shelf cubes
  • Comes in 4 different colors: choose any color you love
  • Not wood, but it’s made from non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Offers lifetime guarantee, you will be very much satisfied with the turntable stand
  • Assembling it is no brains, anyone can do that effortlessly
  • Not 50 or 100, it allows you to store up to 170 LPs or EPs at the same time
  • In addition, you take advantage of storage by placing your stuffed animals, photo frames, or table lamp on the top
  • It’s recommended that you use it upright, not on back or side


  • No drawer
  • May not suit every vinyl record player
  • Not a modern turntable stand

5. Victrola Entertainment Record Player Stand Review


  • Features storage for up to 130 LPs
  • No tools needed to assemble it
  • Perfect-fit for all turntables
  • Gives a modern-stand vibe
  • Highly suitable for the Victrola vinyl players
  • Weighs 31.4 pounds
  • Giftable
  • Highly affordable
  • A lightweight turntable stand

Victrola has been producing fashionable vinyl stands ever since it came into existence (founded). It’s no wonder that its turntable stands are reasonably priced and offer optimum productivity and robustness when it comes to the quality and of the vinyl stand.

Offering a cutting-edge design, this Victrola entertainment record player table brings loads of possibilities to the table. It conveniently stores more than 120 records like a pro, in addition to having the vinyl record player placed on top and amplifier fitted on the first shelf.

Do you get a heart attack when someone even tries to bring up the idea of assembling a device by oneself? If assembling is NOT your cup of tea, you’d find this piece very useful because it only requires a single person to pull together.

Though it aces the job of fitting most of the vinyl record players (turntables), one from Victrola will get fit into it guaranteed. The metal dividers and hairpin-like legs will give you a fresh and modern look that will surpass other modern or outshine other competitors like a charm.


  • Capable of holding up to 130 vinyl records with no hassle at all
  • Reasonably priced: offers value for money
  • Giftable: you can also give it someone as a gift
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Don’t have many vinyl records? Store books then
  • The metal dividers and legs give it a trendy touch which is what most of the audiophiles look for today
  • Easy to be fitted anywhere in your room and offers exceptional organizing


  • No drawers

6. Novogratz Record Player Stand with Drawers Review (White/Blue)


  • Brand: Novogratz
  • Offers huge space
  • Compatible with all of the turntables (vinyl players)
  • Made from the top-class wood that is constructed to live longer
  • Two drawers
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Weighs only 67 lbs
  • Can be purchased with other Novogratz items (for exciting offers)

Are you looking for a Novogratz vinyl record player table that is more stylish, sturdy, and spacious? Get most out of this roomy vinyl stand that will give you an out-of-this-world feeling. You wouldn’t believe how much it is capable of storing. Even after storing your vinyl player, your records, or cassettes, there’s still plenty of room to place other daily used items, such as your TV remote, mobile, or your laptop.

This vinyl stand comes in two variations: vinyl stand and vinyl stand with drawers. And, if you can’t help but go with both, you can do so, however, we suggest you order only 1 first so as to be familiar with the stand. If you find it up-to-the-mark, you could order the second one with all your heart. Use the 360 views to see what exactly the turntable stand looks like.

Coming back to features, it is capable of holding a wide range of vinyl records with no issues. Two drawers make it super easy for you to get access to your daily used items like a comb, hairdryer, TV remote, etc. The hairpin-like legs and dividers give it a modern look that will give a ‘pat on the back’ to your living room or anywhere you place it.


  • Loads of space to store your vinyl speakers, records, and player itself
  • Two drawers give you even more storage for your personal belongings
  • Comes pretty inexpensive if compared with its competitors, ye offers great user satisfaction
  • Six dividers and 4 hairpin-like legs give it a stylish look
  • Available in many colors. Choose your most favorite color to buy it


  • May require more than one adult to be assembled

7. Darla’Studio 66 Cherry Stained Record Player Stand with Storage Review

Key Features:

  • Brand: Darla’Studio 66
  • Highly rated
  • Compatible with most of the vinyl stands
  • Made in the USA
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Easily stores up to 60 vinyl records or more (per shelf)

This is not the first time we are reviewing Darla’Studio 66’s record player table, we’ve already gone through many of them and all of them turned out of being pretty good.

This record player table also meets the expectations of audiophiles for it offers the bang for bucks and is extremely portable. Made in the USA, this is one of the best vinyl stands capable of embracing around 60 vinyl records.

What’s more, it comes fully assembled, there’s no need to pull anything together. It’s very sturdy and dimensions make any type of turntable fit perfectly onto/into it.

There’s more to it than just meets the eye – in addition to storing your vinyl records, you can put your favorite books on the second shelf. If you’re a huge fan of nature, you will find it even more satisfying as it is completely made of wood.


  • Each shelf stores around 60 records, making it to a total of 120-130 records
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Proudly made in the USA: Faster delivery
  • You don’t have to assemble it as it fully assembled which also saves your time and efforts and tiny mistakes
  • It easily fits all types of vinyl players, company or brand doesn’t matter
  • Highly recommended for the nature lovers as it is made of rigid wood


  • Everything seems cool

8. Nexera Record Player Stand Review


  • Brand: Nexera
  • Weighs 54 pounds
  • Modern Vinyl Record Player Stand
  • Perfect for exceptional storage
  • Easily get all vinyl players placed upon
  • 4 Modifiable storage shelves
  • Easy hole/wire management for efficiency
  • Strong material with laminate finishing to last longer
  • Offers more stability and soundness

    This Nexera vinyl stand can do wonders and easily surpasses its contenders because we found it capable of holding three amplifiers at the same time, with vinyl records sitting at the last shelf (exclusive). Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

    It’s designed in Canada and provides you with the certified materials that will last for an extended time. Whether you want to make use of storage capacity by storing your stereo speakers or your LPs at the bottom, everything is possible with this Nexera Jasper Audio Tower.

    As soon as you order it, it will ship within the span of 24 hours, says item description. It’s hard to store a large number of devices, but this vinyl stand makes it all possible. Furthermore, you can adjust the shelf in accordance with your needs to make it more fruitful.


    • It features 4 shelves that you can adjust as per your needs
    • There’s more room than what’s on the surface, include 3 amplifiers (in shelves), 1 vinyl player (on top), and records (at the bottom) like a pro
    • No more cluttered organizing, organize all your wires through enough space in the back
    • Offers more stability so that it always stays balanced
    • Overall weight is only 54 pounds so it can easily be ported from one place to another
    • Reasonably priced: good for the newcomers
      Choice of thousands of audiophiles


    • Nothing that we know of

    9. Darla’Studio 66 Antique Turntable Stand Review


    • Brand: Proudly made by IKEA
    • Overall weight: 40.2 pounds
    • Proudly made in the USA
    • Beautifully made from ABS plastic, paper, embossed acrylic paint, Fiberboard, and Particleboard
    • Extremely suitable for all Vinyl Record Players
    • Exceptionally strong to last for decades
    • Super easy to assemble
    • Value for money

    IKEA has been a game-changer in terms of giving your house or room a modern or stylish look. It has produced thousands of furniture is a well-known brand for modernist designs, among other reasons, such as it sells its product at a reasonable price do people don’t have to break the bank.

    Although this is a shelving unit, audiophiles have been loving it with all their heart. Out of the box, you will get 4 shelving units that you can place anywhere in your home. Your living home is the best place to start with. If your wish is to find the best record player table with storage, this is the ultimate choice to stop by.

    If you’ve been an admirer of IKEA, you’d have searched for ‘Record Player Stand IKEA’ for sure because there’s nothing quite like the finishing that you get in the IKEA designs. To fulfill your query of ‘Record Player Stand and Storage’, we’ve reviewed this piece with unmatched features.


    • It’s been built from top-of-the-line material, ensuring the prolonged existence
    • Proudly designed by IKEA – a game-changer in furniture designing
    • Extremely desirable: compatible with any Vinyl player
    • Extra store: Allows to store your Vinyl Player, Records, Books, Flower Pot, Stuffed Animals, etc.
    • Offers the bangs for your bucks, especially for newcomers
    • Easy to assemble, requires basic tools to do that
      Made from top-of-the-line wood that will give you one-of-its-kind finishing


    • None that we are aware of

    10. Winsome Record Player Stand with Storage Review


    • Brand: Winsome
    • A shelving unit designed for holding books
    • Features two shelves that give huge space for storage
    • You can also purchase wired baskets (sold separately)
    • Only weighs 12 pounds
    • Model No.: 92314-WW
    • Can place an amplifier in one of the shelves
    • Holds vinyl records very easily

    Do you look forward to a turntable stand that is both tall and easily stores all your vinyl records? You’d love this vinyl record player table. Apart from the fact it’s exceedingly affordable, it still gives you the option to store your most favorite vinyl records in immense numbers.

    It houses two big shelves, allowing you to easily put your amplifier (in the first shelf) and your records (in the second shelf), in addition to placing your vinyl on the top of it. And, when you think you’re running out of shortage (which comes with the package), you can easily find matching wired baskets that will compliment your storage. Since it is a taller stand, it also allows taller objects to be placed inside of it.

    Though it is a shelving unit that is used to shelve things like books, CD player, coffee cups, TV remove, smartphone, laptop, or even a table lamp (on top), it can be made use of to store your rocking vinyl record player.

    To enlighten more about this stand or shelving unit, let’s shed some light on the features.


    • Though it was designed to keep your books and other daily used items like TV remove, basket, laptop, etc., it can easily hold your vinyl record player
    • The bottom shelf can be used to place your vinyl records without any hassle
    • Other espresso storage shelves can be easily merged with this one
    • The open airy design allows to pass the air which stops your electronic gadgets from heating up
    • It is made of composite wood that makes sure the longevity of player stand
    • Assembling is a piece of cake – anyone with a small number of tools can do that


    • Not very popular

    What’s the Best Record Player Stand with Storage?

    We reviewed as more vintage record player stands as we possibly could. Speaking of the ‘Best Record Player Stand’ (Amazon), we’ve already laid out three choices for you so you could make an informed one. But we want you to choose one of those three after reading this entire review or you won’t figure out which one to choose.

    • Best Pick: This lists the best record player table that is highly likely to be aggressive for all your needs, whether it is affordability or productivity.
    • Premium: This section includes a top-of-the-line vinyl stands that you won’t find easily. But we have done the research for you so you could get an unmatched experience out of your premium vinyl table.
    • Budget: This segment goes for those who are willing to spend only a few bucks on their vinyl tables. Usually, this segment incorporates the items that are under $100.

    As a result, in order for you to pick out the best player table, you need to choose what type of stand you actually need. Are you willing to invest in a premium model or you’d just let the matter rest? That all depends on you.

    Anyway, we wanted to spread the word and help you (and so we did), now, it is up to you – go with the one you see yourself fit with.

    Wrapping Up 'Best Record Player Table'

    While you add your favorite stand to the card, there are things you must consider (since you’re paying for a top-of-the-line stand). Put differently, the best record player stand always offers a good amount of storage for you to put your vinyl, records, amplifier, and other similar stuff without any annoyance.

    Into the bargain, the size of the stand also matters because if your stand that you’re willing to invest in is too heavy, how do you think you will move it from one place to another? Truth is, you won’t be able to, or it will require at least two persons at the moment. That’d become a bane of your existence.

    There are other aspects as well like material used, time consumed in assembling, delivery time, compatibility with all players, affordability, etc. Pay close attention to each of these points to bring a great turntable stand home.