Fluance RT82 Review: A Front-Runner Turntable [for 2021]

Written by SaifZiya

There was a time when turntables almost were out of fashion, but with the contemporary demands of DJs, they’ve made their come-back and astounded the music enthusiasts like never before, courtesy of their unsurpassed features and capabilities. To see how this turntable manages to have the upper hands over its competition, read the complete Fluance RT82 review as laid out below.

And, when this revivification took place, Fluance couldn’t just back up and launched Fluance RT82, getting the upper hands over RT81, which took the music lovers by storm, especially music aficionados who prefer purchasing music gear online.

While carrying out the detailed analysis on Fluance RT82, when we took the first look at the turntable, we fell head over heels in love with it, and it was very mesmerizing. For that reason, speaking of the looks, you would be surprised to have it, and you can take our word for it. Whether your most cherished color is walnut or black, Fluance has got your back with both.

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Fluance RT82 Review

Fluance RT82 Review

This Fluance RT82 Review is not the only place where Fluance manages to stay on top of the competitors, Fluance also listed as the premium pick—its prior model i.e. RT81 was featured on turntables under $500 and received appreciation from the audiophiles who’re fond of feeling the warmth in the sound while listening to records on a turntable.

And, this is RT82 that we’re talking about—a superior turntable with next-level features to have all music enthusiasts satisfied in the first place. It boasts pure analog performance, remarkable music accuracy, rock-hard wood plinth, outstanding signal clarity, among other fascinating experiences.

Just like you love to enjoy your long drive relaxing in your car with the best car subwoofer amp, if you’re looking forward to making most out of Hi-Fi music experience. This turntable has been meticulously engineered to meet the standards or the PRO music listeners, and that’s why it never goes against the grain of their intentions.

Fluance RT82 Turntable: Notable Features

Fluance RT82 Review
  • Semi-Automatic Turntable; Stops automatically
  • Adjustable Anti-Skating System
  • Boasts Ortofon OM 10 MM Cartridge for Better Audio Quality
  • Gold-plated RCA Connector
  • Type: Belt-Drive Turntable
  • Offers Anti-resonance (anti-vibration) experience
  • DC Motor with Servo Controller
  • Extremely durable; designed to last longer
  • 2-Speed Turntable: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Dust Cover: Yes (Tinted)
  • Aluminum Platter

Music devotees who are setting their sights on this model or any turntable for this matter for the very first time should not come unglued and, therefore, must be aware of the fact that this is a turntable, and NOT a record player.

If you don’t know the differences between the two, it’s time you paid close attention to the similarities, and how both are not the same: turntable vs record player.

Unlike other cheap turntables, the Fluance RT82 gives you the opportunity to be lost in the soothing music by saying goodbye to all the interruptions. Controlling the speed of the record has never been easier, thanks to the versatility. Yes, you can play your most favorite records at either 33 1/3 RPM or 45 RPM, the choice is all yours. The platter is all aluminum which adds an extra layer to the prolonged existence of this record player, undoubtedly.

Concerned about those unnecessary vibrations that become the bane of your existence?

Well, with this RT82 turntable, you will get past that like a charm because apart from being equipped with a solid plinth, it also boasts 3 rubber spike-type height-adjustable isolation fee that will help you dispense with the unwanted resonance that mostly happens during the playback.

Fluance RT82 Review - An In-depth Analysis

This is a semi-automatic turntable that is capable of stopping automatically when the record has stopped playing. Unlike other models of Fluance, this one is having a different cartridge, however, the platter is aluminum which is very much similar to RT81, RT83, and RT84 models.

The tonearm is also made of aluminum, offering superior clarity and warmth in the sound production, and the length of the tonearm is 8.82” which is as good as it gets. It boasts a top-of-the-line MMA cartridge which is an ideal choice for those who are on the lookout for the precision in the sound.

Now, to offer you peace of mind, let’s have a category-wise review of this model give you an honest opinion:



First things first—is this turntable i.e. Fluance RT82 beautiful enough to catch one’s eye?

On top of producing a clearer and warm sound, boasting a premium, stunning look, it will make you say “Wow” and fall in love with it at first sight. The solid wood plinth not only makes it sturdy but also gives a stunning look that captivates the hearts and minds of the person who possesses it.

Those 3 rubber feet not only help you adjust the height of your turntable but also takes the ergonomic design and craftsmanship to the next level. Since it is available in two colors, it will highly likely complement any place you put it in.

The dimensions of this turntable are up to the mark, which also plays a huge role in the looks and design, and the thickness of it couldn’t get any better—hands down!


Sound Quality

If you’re a huge fan of warmth and ultimate clarity in the sound, you won’t be disappointed by this out-of-this-world turntable which lets you feel every tiny detail in the sound.

It offers pure analog performance and the servo-controlled belt-drive motor which brings next-level precision to the table. This model is very revolutionary and you will get to see superior audio engineering in this turntable. This sets a perfect example for those audiophiles who have been mixing sound for a long time in this field. This is all possible without the possession of a built-in preamp.

Achieving spectacular clarity in every record you play is a must. That’s why Fluance couldn’t help but introduce the S-shaped tonearm into this RT82 model which helps you gain ultimate mastery while tracking records more accurately.

The reason why Fluance RT82 stands out from the crowd is that it also brings “Ortofon OM 10 Cartridge” to life which makes the job of tracing the grooves in a record super easy for you.

All of this happens while delivering natural sound, without any coloration.



Is this RT82 turntable from Fluance capable of bringing all those features to the table that you’re in search of?

If it doesn’t satisfy you in that area, it’s not worth your attention for sure. That’s why we went over the ins and outs of this turntable with an intention to figure out if this one is a great pick for you.

Being a reference turntable, it will never let you miss out on the warmth of sound. As a result, it will never go against the wishes of audiophiles. In fact, when the record of your favorite legend is played on this turntable, you will be lost in the music in next to no time.

Unlike other vinyl players, this one is equipped with the 3 rubber isolation feet which are 100% height adjustable which not only looks good but also lets you get rid of the resonance during the playback. We believe that you won’t get the construction of solid plinth in other models from other vinyl brands at this price range.

For delivering you the remarkable tracking, an S-shaped tonearm has been equipped into this Fluance RT82 turntable. So, no more struggling to get the groovy music experience you diverse or truly wish.

Looking forward to making the most out of the output capabilities? If that’s what you’re after, the RCA outputs are there to give you the satisfaction you crave for. What’s amazing is that it’s gold-plated which even looks cooler.

Speaking of the motor, it could not get any better—there’s a DC motor with a servo controller that is capable of analyzing the speed at 500 times per second.

Being a semi-automatic turntable, it makes the job even easier for you. Put differently, you don’t have to wait for the record to end and lift the tonearm all by yourself—the record will stop playing automatically after it has completed playing till the end.

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If you truly admire semi-automatic turntable, you could also look at another turntable that we’ve rounded up for you: DP 400 turntable.



Controls are what makes your life and music listening experience a whole lot easier. That’s why it’s extremely important that you get every control you need.

As we’ve discussed earlier, this is a 2-speed turntable, allowing you to play your vinyl records at 45 and 33 RPM and it runs like clockwork.

Although it requires you to set up your own preamp (this one doesn’t have a built-in preamp), there is an RCA connector which is a lifesaver for people like you who prefer connecting to the external devices. The good news is that RCA is gold-plated which gives your turntable a never-seen-before look.

You can also adjust the height of the turntable using those 3 rubber feet—of course, they're not there only for giving you anti-resonance experience.

What’s more, you could gift this turntable to someone you love—someone who loves music or the art of mixing sounds because this one is easily giftable.



Does setting up this turntable require you to put your extra efforts? Will you be needing somebody else to set this turntable up for you or you could do it on your own?

Well, putting this thing together is a piece of cake!

If you decide to get your hands on this one—which we recommend you to—there will be no painful process while setting it up, giving you a sigh of relief all the way through the easy-to-understand, an instructive guide that comes along with it. But being a reference turntable, it does require you to have preamp power since it doesn’t come with a built-in preamp.

It gets 4.7 ratings out of 5 on Amazon, and 4.9 ratings out of 5 on the official website. That’s why from the perspective of customer satisfaction, it also does an amazing job. And, anyone—both professional audiophiles and a newcomer will find it quite

If you would like to get a Hi-Fi phono preamp for this turntable, you could consider having Fluance PA10 which will not take much of your space and offer great optimized, uncompromised phone amplification and equalization.

Are you still having issues during the installation? Panic not—rather, browse Installation Manual [pdf] and stay at ease.



It’s worth spending your bucks on a top-of-the-line turntable if it offers one-of-its-kind features.

What if you’re getting the next-level features without spending more dollars? Would you not take the shot, or would you let the matter rest?

In spite of being a front-runner turntable, it offers you the bang for your bucks. It is very reasonably priced with all the amazing features in mind. In fact, it has been reviewed by top media websites, such as CNET, Vinyl Rewind, JOENTELL, for example, that depicts that it’s an amazing turntable you can count on.

We don’t think that you will get all such spectacular features under $300 for sure. Overall, it is a value for money, and that’s why we vouch for it.


Dust Cover

Does Fluance RT82 turntable come with a dust cover to protect the cartridge, platter, stylus, and other parts from dust?

If you wish to experience clarity in every vinyl record playing on your turntable, you want to make sure that there’s no dust on the platter.

There’s a tinted dust cover that keeps this Hi-Fi turntable safe from the dust and debris of other solid material. So, when you’re done playing your favorite record on it, you could cover it up with the tinted dust cover.

If you’re wanting to have a turntable that lasts for years, ensuring it has a dust cover will really pay you off in the end because a dust cover really helps in that area.

And, it’s not merely regarding keeping your vinyl player safe, a dust cover, especially the one which is transparent, also gives your turntable a next-level look.

That’s why it is important to invest in a record player or turntable that features a dust cover.

How To Setup Fluance RT82

Fluance RT82 Turntable: What’s in the Box?

Since you’re paying your dollars for this top-of-the-line or flagship model, you can’t miss out on the items you will be getting in the box of this Fluance RT82 turntable.

Having said that, we’ve prepared a list of the items or things that you will receive after the package reaches you:

Turntable with Dust Cover

Verdict On Fluance RT82 Review

Fluance RT82

So, there you have it—an unbiased Fluance RT82 review explaining the nuts and bolts of this one-of-its-kind turntable. Of course, you could grab one of its other models, namely RT80, RT81, RT83, RT84, or even RT85, it’s your personal preference and you could do freely. If you would like to know more about this product, please consider looking at the user manual [pdf].