5 Best Budget Gaming Headsets for Big Heads in 2020

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Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Longing for one of the best gaming headsets for big heads in 2020 to get the most out of your immersive gaming experience?

Just like enjoying a game the most requires investing in a high-end gaming laptop, if you’re looking forward to having next-level gaming experience, gaming headsets are something you can’t miss out on no matter what, and there’re many reasons why you should own one of the best gaming headsets for big heads.

Budget Gaming Headsets for Big Heads

Every year, major renowned brands introduce immense numbers of top headset models in the market to make gamers’ day. By ‘immense’, we mean hundreds of thousands of headsets since this is not done by just one company – thousands of brands like to launch their gaming headsets on flash sales to get the maximum profit or revenue, and eventually receive appreciation from the customers.

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While watching the interviews of the top-earning gamers in the world, namely Ninja, PewDiePie, or Preston, if you pay close attention to the things they recommend to the young gamers, you’d be amazed to know that they recommend quality, lifelike gaming experience which is only possible if you’re having all of the gaming gears in easy reach.

Speaking of the must-have gaming gears, one that comes to mind (among others) is one of the best gaming headsets for big heads.

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Why Buy a Gaming Headset?

Can you imagine watching your favorite movie with no audio at all? Well, the same scenario applies to when you play your most treasured game with no “Gaming Headset”.

What if you already possess a music headset?

Will that do the job? 

Of course, NOT.


That’s because both gaming headsets and regular music headsets are poles apart. A gaming headset will keep you informed on every move that your opponent (enemy) in the game makes. So, next time, when your enemy tries to sneak up on you from behind, you will be able to catch him, thanks to the high-end gaming headsets for big heads.

So, no more missing out on the soundless footsteps of enemies while playing the game – a front-runner gaming headset for big heads is all you need.

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Why Buy Gaming Headsets for Big Heads?

So, we hope that you’ve understood why it’s important to have gaming headsets.

However, the problem still exists i.e. not every headset fits big heads perfectly. That’s where the people (with bigger heads) get frustrated because they can’t find the perfect-fit gaming headsets for big heads.

So, should they leave hope?

Unquestionably, NOT because we’ve rounded up the 5 best gaming headsets for big heads you’ll ever need to get the most out of your high-end gaming experience.

We’ve taken all the ins and outs of these PRO gaming headsets into account so you don’t have to suffer physically and financially while making the final decision.

So, without further ado, let's jump right into this review of best gaming headsets for big heads, starting with the first one:

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Review

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

It’s not surprising that you’ll need one of the top-notch gaming headsets for big heads to enjoy every PC or PS4 video game, but isn’t it possible to invest in one of the best gaming headsets for big heads that have been manufactured by the #1 bestseller in the US? This gaming Razer Kraken gaming headphone has been designed with love by the no. 1 gaming peripheral manufacture in the United States.

Whether you love to dive into the gaming world on your PC or you do that on your PS4, this extremely lightweight headset is the ultimate choice for you. If you’re craving for a powerful sound with more clarity and immersive bass, this headset is all you need which comes with the gel-infused cushions to turn down heating, allowing you to get all-day comfort.

Apart from being highly comfortable, it also houses an in-line mic that will produce high-quality audio to be heard by the others who joined the game. The driver size of these 3rd generation gaming headphones is 50mm which is as good as it gets for all competitive gamers around the world. The pricing of these headphones is also quite reasonable considering the unmatched features.

Let the voice of yours be heard by other players – all possible a cardioid mic (retractable) – no more low gains in the sound production.

Whether you own a PS4 or PS5 or other video gaming console, this headset is compatible with all the consoles. Plus, it supports a 3.5mm cable which can be plugged into most of the devices including PCs and Smartphones. What’s more, there’s no need to adjust the volume on your PC – it can be done via the in-line controls.

Why Buy It?

In a nutshell, you can do gaming for hours with no hassle or pain.

It houses cooling gen-infused cushions which will turn down all the heat and give you superior comfort so you don’t end up hurting your ears while playing the video game.

It’s lightweight and durable which increases the permanency and portability to a great extent. There’s thicker padding on the aluminum frame that gives you more comfort.

Being a noise cancellation headset, it features custom-tuned 500mm drivers which bring clearer sound with a perfect balance of bass and treble to life. This way, you could listen to the enemies’ moves before you’re blown away.

Wait… there’s more to it than just meets the eye – browse full features and then make a well-versed choice.

Bengoo V-4 Gaming Headset Review

Bengoo V-4 Gaming Headset

Is there any gaming headset for bigger heads just like Razer Kraken with the mic adjustable to 120°?

Well, we have exactly what you need – the Bengoo G9000 gaming headset – a noise-canceling gaming headset with mic.

Whether you wish to turn the mic on or you leave it as it as – off, it’s all possible by a simple push on a button. The controls are amazing, especially the one-key mute that allows you to mute the mic at a single tap. If you like to use a 3.5mm or a USB cable to connect to your video gaming device, it houses the functionality for both the cables to meet your needs.

The design of this gaming headset is adjustable – it’s a good pick for those who have bigger heads. So, apart from adjusting the angle of the microphone in this headset, you could also adjust the size of the headset according to that of your head. The good news is that it’s highly compatible with all the video game consoles – no matter what you use.

Not only does this headset incorporate a noise-canceling mic but also it houses surrounding sound subwoofers to offer you unmatched immersive experience while you’re in the game. That way, you won’t miss the sound of an explosion or flare-up in the game and will be able to get the upper hands over them like a pro.

Why Buy It?

In addition to the fact that it supports a wide range of applications – i.e. it can be connected to most of the devices with no hassle, it also uses a USB connectivity which gives you next-level gaming experience and quality audio.

The sound quality is up to the mark and it’s highly rigid. Even if it accidentally falls on the ground, it won’t break into pieces.

It’s reasonably priced, meaning it offers the bang for your bucks. You’re not like to come across such premium-looking gaming heading and that’s why people who invested in it seem happier with the quality of sound.

Just like the Razer’s headset, the mic is adjustable as per your needs and you can use the mic for the calling purposes as well which is a great thing.

The cable of this headset is 49-inches long which gives you a lot of space to stretch yourself also prevents twining issues. The volume of the game can be adjusted by using the smart in-line controls – no need to adjust that in your device.

NUBWO N7 Gaming Headset Review

NUBWO N7 Gaming Headset
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Is it imaginable to have a 180° extendable gaming headset that leaves no ears squeezed? If affirmative, can that headset also be a perfect match for heads of different sizes – L or XL head size?

It’d be amazing to have such capabilities in a gaming headset, wouldn’t it, right? To tell you the truth, we’ve got your back with this NUBWO N7 gaming headset that has been designed for the high-end gaming experience. We all get frustrated when the gaming headset’s mic produces low-quality audio. Luckily, that won’t be a problem in these gaming headphones since it houses an omnidirectional noise-cancellation mic that can be adjusted up to 120° - no more unwanted background noises.

The NUBWO N7 houses a 50mm drivers and soft leatherette ear cups which fits your ears perfectly like they’ve been designed with particular ears of your in mind. Designed for comfort, these headphones allow you to seamlessly enjoy video gaming for long hours without straining your years or head, courtesy of the extremely extensible shape.

Why Buy It?

It doesn’t matter how big your head is, this headset brings ultra-durability to the table – it’s capable of being extended to 180 degrees, plus it automatically adjusts according to the head size of the gamer.

If the background noises disrupt your gaming experiences, this could be a good choice as it houses a noise-canceling mic that is adjustable up to 120 degrees. That being said, everything you hear will be loud and clear, but with no noise whatsoever in the background.

The sound quality and the audio quality of recording via mic is beyond explanation – it can’t get any better. Overall, it’s value for money and equipped strong and long-lasting material. If you’re an enthusiastic gamer and can’t live without a gaming headset, this is the one to choose.

Even if you wear this gaming headset for hours, you won’t end up hurting your ears. The soft ear pad offers an extended comfort which could be a big relief if you plug the headphones into the device for prolonged use.

RUNMUS K2 Gaming Headset Review

RUNMUS K2 Gaming Headset

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could hear your enemies before seeing them in the game?

Question is, is it possible? It is because RUNMUS K2 introduces 7.1 surround sound technology that offers a one-of-a-kind immersive gaming experience. Now, you can get to know which way your enemies are coming from – right, left, or from behind your back, courtesy of the responsive sound drivers.

If you tend to play group games, you’d need to understand every word clearly that your team member or opponent says while you’re in the game or you might end up dead. That happens due to the unwanted ambient noises taking place in the background. Luckily, this first-rate gaming headset is equipped with the high-end noise cancellation microphone which will turn down all the background noises that become a pain in the neck.

What about the compatibility? Can this thought-provoking headset work with different kinds of video consoles and devices, such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, or PC? No worries because this headset houses a 3.5mm cable that can be plugged into almost every video-gaming device easily.

Why Buy It?

The RUNMUS K2 features 7.1 surround sound which allows you to hear the enemies before you come closer to kill you in the game, allowing you to have next-level immersive gaming experience.

It also features an adjustable noise-canceling mic that minimizes those unwanted background noises that could make a mess of your gaming experience. Talk to other players or pay attention to your opponents’ moves in the game, everything is possible. The mic can also be turned by with an easy-to-flip switch.

The material quality is what this headset is known for – it’s made using premium material that is highly durable that lasts longer than you could imagine. Plus, the ergonomic design makes the headset suitable for different head sizes – small, larger, or extra-large.

The K2 also features a fascinating LED light that is lit on both sides when you plug the USB into the device. That adds an extra layer to the coolness of your headset.

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Are you sick of your old-fashioned gaming headset because it doesn’t fit your head perfectly?

That’s might be true because you’ve got a bigger size. And, if that’s affirmative, this G9000, which is a stereo, multi-platform, and noise-canceling mic headset, will keep you satisfied to the fullest.

Introducing BENGOO G9000 which is as straightforward as it could get, offering seamless plug-and-plug experience in all video gaming sessions. Housing an omnidirectional mic, it produces crystal-clear audio with no noise in the background. The mic is tremendously flexible and can be adjusted up to 120° with no annoyance.

It doesn’t matter which gaming platform you’re using – PS5, iPad, Desktop, Xbox, or a Laptop, it’s compatible with most of the devices and connects in next to no time.

The 3d surround sound lets you hear the sound of the pace of your enemies in the game. This gives you an extended life in the gameplay. Although the driver size is limited to 40mm, it would not be something like running into a problem because, generally speaking, more than billions of pro gamers around the world seem pretty satisfied with this G9000 gaming headset.

Why Buy It?

Like the rest of the gaming headsets, G9000 is also very cheap (affordable), and therefore, any gamer can afford to own it easily.

Though it features a 40mm magnetic driver, it won’t ever let you down because it houses surround sound subwoofers that produce clearer and perfect bass and offers high precision.

Being a premium headset with noise-canceling mic, it brings the capability of delivering first-class communication by reducing the annoying noises because no one likes to cope with the unwanted noises which take place if a gaming headset doesn’t have a noise-canceling mic on it.

Since this headset is equipped with the soft pillow-like protein earmuff, you’d fall head over heel in love with this one. It has been designed with your extended comfort in mind so you could use it for all-day gaming sessions – no problem at all.

Bigger head size is what people face most of the time and that also becomes the reason why gaming headsets tend to make suffer from the extreme pain in your ear. However, this one comes with the adjustable headband that effortlessly fits any head size – be it small, large, or extra-large head size.

Summing Up

Picking out one of the best budget gaming headsets is no easy-peasy because it requires in-depth research and ins and outs of the gaming headsets – from their design, sound to comfort. Without the know-how, it’s unimaginable to invest in a good gaming headset, however, we could round up 5 best budget gaming headsets for bigger heads with the assistance of our pro experts. This guide has been specially designed for those who don’t wish to spend too much on their gaming headsets. That’s why we only picked the cheap (highly affordable) ones with unmatched features.

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