JBL Reflect Flow Review 2021: Wireless Earbuds (an In-depth Analysis)

JBL Reflect Flow Review

JBL Reflect Flow Review
JBL Reflect Flow Review

Written by SaifZiya

Do you love tuning in to your favorite music while you’re on the go?

Are you afraid of the waggles that you repeatedly get when you listen to the tracks while you’re running or taking a walk?

If that isn’t the problem, perhaps, the reason why you’re suffering is that you’re sick of your Earbuds getting worse in the varying weather conditions.

In this wide-ranging JBL Reflect Flow Review, we will be shedding light on JBL Reflect Wireless Earbuds – a pair of Earbuds with unparalleled features that will make you feel the happiest person on earth and it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

If your wish to make the most out of it, you’d never be turned down by these. The JBL Reflect gives you the opportunity to dive into the world of your much-loved genre without interruption – these Earbuds bring 30 hours of never-ending music experience to life.

What if you need to go swimming? Can it be possible with these good-looking, one-of-it-a-kind Earbuds by plugging them into your ears?

No matter how the weather is, these unrivaled earpieces feature IPX7 waterproof rating, a premium score, which will give you the unimaginable freedom. So, whether it is showery, cloudy, or warm weather you’re experiencing, replying on these rigid and comfy Earbuds won’t be a pain in the neck.

Usually, you don’t get to experience the stereophonic experience while making calls or while you’re walking, however, this unbending pair of Earbuds make it super easy for you to do that. It requires just a little gentle touch on the side and there you go.

With the general Earbuds that are available on the market in this day and age, battery life usually sucks and that’s what gives a heart attack to the music lovers. But that’s not something you will suffer as far as buying JBL Reflect is considered because that way, you will be getting a next-level experience with a long-lasting battery that will give you a continuous playback of around 26-27 hours (publicized as 30 hours).

As always, if you find anything about this “JBL Reflect Flow Review” confusing, you’re most welcome to leave your suggestions and we’d be happy to have you at ease.

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Who are JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds made for?

JBL Reflect Flow Review


  • Brand: JBL
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Model: Reflect Flow
  • Type: In-ear Earbuds
  • Total Ear Tips: 3
  • Mic Availability: Yes
  • Battery Life: 30+ Hours
  • Waterproof: Yes (IPX7)
  • Quick Charging: Yes
  • Weight: 1.30 ounces

While we’ve taken different aspects into consideration to conclude this JBL Reflect Flow Review, another imperative question that comes to mind is, who should be using these JBL Reflect Earbuds?

Can anyone use them or they’re specifically designed with a specific type of people in mind?

For the most part, we could say that these Earbuds are built for the athletes, runners, joggers, and most importantly those who love to break a sweat (fitness freaks).

Anyone who loves to hear the sound of their own world while playing their most favorite game like cricket, tennis, or other games, will find these earbuds a lifesaver – there's no fear of falling.

In addition, not only those who love listening to music during sports but also a normal music lover can also wear them since they offer unmatched sound quality, perfect comfort, and the fitting is beyond explanation.

Why should you consider JBL Reflect Flow?

In spite of getting thorough analysis via this “JBL Reflect Flow Review”, one question that is still left unanswered is, why should you purchase these JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless Earbuds?

Though we have already answered everything in detail underneath, if you’re in a hurry, let’s get you enlightened in a nutshell.

First thing first. The sound quality of the Earbuds in terms of a perfect balance of bass and treble gives you a never-had-before experience.

On top of that, these Earbuds come from JBL, which is known for its superior sound technology, high-end speakers, and other unrivalled accessories.

Plus, during different tests, these JBL Reflect Headphones have performed better than we thought they would.

But if you wish to know what makes these headphones stand out from the crowd, then it is about their stability – the earpieces don’t fall off your ears.

JBL Reflect Flow Review: What to Consider?

Since it’s a comprehensive review, we will be covering different aspects that play a huge role in the overall performance of these JBL Reflect Earbuds.

Let’s begin with the first one.

1. Sound Quality

8.9 Out of 10 Ratings

First things first. We all love bass, don’t we? If you said yes, odds are you’re going to invest in a pair of Earbuds that will bring a perfectly balanced bass to the table.

From perfectly balanced, what we mean is that the bass must not be too loud or if there’s no treble present, the earpieces will start to sound mellow – and, of course, you won’t be able to get any detail.

Therefore, not only bass but also there should be enough amount of treble coming out of your headphones.

This can be understood very well through a graph measurement which depicts that these headphones generate a typical V-shaped sound with the bass and treble amount of 2.7 dB and -1.45 dB respectively, which is a good reason to invest in these.

Speaking of the frequency response, we noticed during the tests that the average standard deviation produced by these headphones is 0.07 dB. So, it is apparent that you will get an exceptional sound experience.

What about the accuracy of sound?

Yes, we’re talking about bass, treble, and mid accuracy. In that area, you will get good value at this pricing model.

The accuracy is excellent and that’s the reason why won’t be having a headache while listening to the music. Also, noise isolation is present, making the sound quality impeccable.

2. Design

9.4 Out of 10 Ratings

The design of the earpieces is what catches people’s eye, and speaking of the same, you will get elegant style that brings the brushed metallic sides to life.

Maneuvering has never been easier, thanks to the unique and sleek design of these earpieces. This also makes plugging and removing to and from your ears a child’s play, and this can be done without hurting your ears.

3. Comfort

9.1 Out of 10 Ratings

Are JBL Reflect Headphones (Earpieces) comfortable?

We don’t know whether you know this or not, but comfort is far more important than the structure of the headphones, and so is the weight.

To tell you the truth, this pair of Earbuds will fit the ear canal of most of the people, still, some may find them a little larger.

Not only with this earpieces, but with any random ones, you’re not suggested listen to the music for a long period of time. But even if you decide to do, you’re not going to have any strain on your ears whatsoever.

Yes, the clamping force is 0.0 – they are highly comfortable to fit anyone’s ear perfectly, no matter what genre you’re tuning in to.

4. Controls

7.2 Out of 10 Ratings

Does this pair of Earbuds come with the smart controls that make your life easier? Are you able to get the most out of tactile feedback?

If you’re capable of controlling your music, such as pausing tracks, making calls, without interacting with your phone or device your earpieces are connected to, then you’re investing in good Earbuds.

Apart from adjusting your music-related functionalities, you will get to experience the ‘Talk-through’ function which will be a life saver.

So, next time when someone comes talking to you while you’re listening to music, you don’t have to take out your earphones, all you have to do is make use of ‘Talk-through’ feature available on this earpiece.

In addition, you can make calls using the button

The buttons also give you soft touch, but unfortunately, there is no ‘Noise cancelling’ and ‘volume adjustment’.

5. Breathability

8 Out of 10 Ratings

Is the material used in the earpiece breathable? Put differently, will the headphone get warm if you make up your mind towards wearing them for a long span of time?

No one wants to hurt their ears while listening to music, which possibly could happen if the temperature of the Earbuds start to rise up.

If that’s what you’re concerned about, you’re in luck. Upon testing these Earbuds, we’ve found out that the temperature doesn’t rise as it does with other headphones, which means it’s a good pick for you to wear during the sport session.

6. Portability

9.5 Out of 10 Ratings

Can you easily carry these Earbuds in your bag or move them from once place to another?

This is a one of the questions that we often get asked about the Earbuds by the people who love to travel a lot. But don’t worry because we have also covered that up in this all-inclusive JBL Reflect Flow Review.

Thankfully, this pair is smaller and placing them in your pocket (any) won’t really be an issue because portability has been mainly kept in mind during the designing process of these Earbuds.

The length is 1.5”, the width is 1.3”, and the height is 1.1” which is as good as it could get.

7. Carrying Case

8 Out of 10 Ratings

What about the carrying case?

We know this is a lot similar to the portability we just rounded up above. But we still have to do the review on the case because, generally speaking, you will need to place your Earbuds in the case, not directly putting them in your bags.

That’s why it’s also important to understand how much space the carrying case of these JBL Reflect Flow takes.

The case offers everything you’d normally need – a prosperous-looking design to take the style to the next level, a micro-USB charging port (in the back), and an LED that indicates whether your Earbuds are charging or fully charged.

Speaking of dimensions of carrying case, the height is 1.5”, width is 1.4”, and the length is 3.2” which, as far as the potability matters, won’t be taking much space.

8. Durability

9.3 out of 10 Ratings

Does this product feature the A-one build quality? The material used in the earpieces is vital since this is what makes your Earbuds last longer.

No matter how tough the conditions are, when you use them, the JBL’s Reflect Flow is going to tackle all the challenges. Even if you accidentally drop them on the floor, they are not going to break.

Apart from the premium look, these earpieces are built to offer prolonged existence.

What’s more, they are rated as “IPX7”, which means whether you are breaking a sweat or you’re enjoying the music in the rain, you’re good to go either way.

9. Stability

9.2 out of 10 Ratings

Are the Earbuds stable enough to turn down all the shakes you get when you move?

We can’t say when they are not plugged in, but as soon as you put them in your ears, it’s almost impossible for them to slip off your ears or fall off your head.

It doesn’t matter if you put them in your ear while jogging or playing your favorite sport, they won’t ever fall off your ear – the fins are extremely stable.

So, if stability is what you were anxious about but were afraid to ask (though we don’t see anything worth being afraid of in this case), you’re good to go with JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds.

10. Noise Isolation & Leakage

9.6 Out of 10 Ratings

Do you get irritating when you get distracted by the voice of outside world? We also get frustrating when that happens, possibly due to no noise isolation or cancellation.

If you don’t want to get distracted whatsoever by the people chattering or other unwanted voices, making sure that Earbuds block the outside noise easily is important.

Speaking of isolation, the overall attenuation is -22.6 dB which is quite surprising considering the competition. However, you may see a bit of a difference in too noisy areas where rumbles of airplanes or bus engines exist.

Another concept that’s similar to this noise isolation is “Sound Leakage”.

In other words, what amount of sound is leaked when you put the earpieces in your ears?

If you’re concerned about other people around or someone sleeping near you, you can count on these earbuds one because no sound will be leaked whatsoever, say the tests.

11. Recording

8.2 Out of 10 Ratings

How does these Earbuds surpass the competition in terms of recording?

On top of making calls, there are times when you need to record some audio files with an intention to send them to someone.

With that in mind, the quality of mic matters. Not just that, you should also inquire about what type of mic the earpieces offer.

Usually, there are two types of microphones that are featured in the Earbuds: in-line and integrated.

Taking a look at the specification, we get enlightened that JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds feature the integrated microphone, and that’s because they are wireless.

As far as the recording quality matters, it is sub-par which, we believe, you will get along with.

12. Battery Life

8.8 Out of 5 Ratings

Though we’re discussing this one at 13th position, this doesn’t make it a less significant topic.

Battery life is very important, especially if you don’t want to stop listening to what you’ve started – a podcast, for an example.

If you’re a lazy person and keeping your earpieces in the charging case gives you a nightmare, you need to make sure that you get most out of your earpieces – an uninterrupted experience through long playback.

The battery installed in these JBL Reflect Flow headphones is rechargeable and to charge the Earbuds fully, you will need to keep them in the charging case for up 2.1 hours.

The overall score of the battery life is 26.1 hours, which has been advertised by the company (JBL) as 30 hours. You know it’s not always perfect, but still it is worth your attention.

There’s no power-saving mode available, requiring you to turn them off when not using them. And, there’s a micro-USB port that you can use to charge your Earbuds before using them in a continuous manner.  

What’s in the Box?

What are the accessories you will get in the box?

Some companies lack the ability to fulfil the requirements of the customers. But that’s NOT the case here.

Appreciatively, you will get everything you need in the box which includes:

  • JBL Reflect Headphones – what you’re here for
  • 3 fins – allows you get more of the stability
  • 3 tip sizes – so you get the comfortable and perfect fit
  • Charging case – to keep your Earbuds charged and out of danger
  • Micro-USB cable – to keep your headphones boosted
  • User manual – to help you ensure you’re doing everything the right way

As a result (or as per JBL Reflect Flow Review), the box includes pretty much everything a person needs to handle their JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds skillfully. That’s why we don’t think you will be getting any misfortune while utilizing these earpieces whatsoever.

How much does JBL Reflect Flow costs?

JBL Reflect Flow true wireless earbuds, bluetooth sport headphones with microphone, and charging cases costs just $149.95. Grab this now itself and discover the freedom of true wireless earbuds. With a microphone, you can manage your calls while doing workouts, and listening to the music. You will get a quick charging case and a 10 min rapid charge gets you back in the game for another full hour.

Is JBL Reflect Flow good?

If you want a bass-heavy sound, then the JBL reflect Flow headphones are very good. Its wireless earbuds are of IPX7 waterproof rating and this enables you to get through the toughest workout in any weather. The ambient aware feature helps you to hear what’s happening around while simultaneously you can enjoy your music. It's TalkThru feature helps you to have a conversation without taking off the headphones. All these features make the JBL Reflect Flow headphone good and better one.

The charging case with rapid charge that you get along with the headset gives the earbuds an additional 20 hours of playback. In sort, the JBL Reflect Flow headphones are truly wireless earbuds to compliment your active lifestyle. It also has a comfortable and customizable ear-tips and enhancers that delivers powerful JBL Signature sound.

Are JBL Reflect Flow noise cancelling?

JBL Reflect Flow are not noise cancelling, instead they are noise isolating. So they are passive and do not require batteries for the noise isolation. Noise isolating is the far easier way of reducing noise and how much ambient sound noise-isolating headphones reduce is a combination of their design and how well they fit in your ears. Also they are good for mid and higher pitched sounds. But rarely as effective as noise cancelling headphones at lower frequencies though probably a bit more comfortable.

Can I swim with JBL Reflect Flow?

The JBL Reflect Flow has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so it can withstand sweat and any extreme weather conditions. IPX7 implies that your headphone is waterproof and it can be fully submerged into 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes and still be able to work properly after that. But it doesn't mean that your device can survive powerful water jets or splashes. It may get damaged if hit by a water jet, or even by pouring rain. So be careful while taking your headphones in the shower or to the beach. Also, while you swim, you are moving so fast through the water and this kind of contact with the water may sometimes severely damage the electronic parts of your headphones.

How long does it take JBL Reflect Flow to charge?

The JBL Reflect Flow has a longer battery life than other headphones of JBL itself. It has around 30 hours of battery life or a full day of fun with up to 10 hours in the wireless earbuds plus an additional 20 hours in the charging case. Also, it requires just a 10 minutes rapid charge for you to use the other full hour. It uses a micro-USB connection for charging which is easier to plug in and tends to charge faster. 

Final Verdict

In this wide-ranging JBL Reflect Flow Review, the conclusion will make everything clearer to the you. Though you may find other impressive wireless Earbuds at this price range, but we cannot say that for sure insofar the unmatched sound quality of these earbuds matters. As a result, the JBL Reflect Flow Wireless Earbuds will make your day since they can be made use of on a daily usage – anyone can use them, not just an athlete. However, JBL designed/built them for those who are fond of listening to music while playing their favorite sport, tennis, for example. After running different bench tests and reviewing different features, we believe this pair of wireless Earbuds will be a perfect fit for you, and that's why we recommend that you should invest in these JBL Reflect flow headphones before they are out of stock.

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