7 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000 in 2021 (Top Picks)

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SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) Review

Written by SaifZiya

Are you in quest of one of the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 dollars to elevate the music like a boss? How can you be so sure that the speakers you invest in won’t break the bank?

Having you been facing lossy audio while listening to your most favorite music due to those old-fashioned, poor-sounding speakers?

If any of the above is true, it’s time you set your sights on these one-of-a-kind, best-sounding bookshelf speakers that will leave you all amazed and you’d be raving like never before.

If you wish to achieve that utterly-balanced frequency response and sensitivity to get the bass in a song right when you need it, you, undoubtedly, can’t miss out on a good pair of bookshelf speakers that we’ve reviewed in this buyer’s guide for you.

We can’t deny the fact that there are some gadgets that never go out of fashion no matter what — they always fall in the hands of the people, especially the tech-savvy ones.

The same thing goes with the tip-top bookshelf speakers reviewed on this page for your convenience; they are a go-to unit of every music lover because of their premium sound-quality, portability, prolonged existence, and unmatched features.

Not just that, there are many reasons why you should never compromise on a good-sounding bookshelf speaker but don’t worry, we’ll lay out each one of them in this wide-ranging article so you would make an intelligent decision in the end.

But, before you begin presenting our top picks of best bookshelf speakers, we’d like you to get your head around the importance of bookshelf speakers.

Bookshelf Speakers; What Are They?

So, what do you think a bookshelf speaker is?

Well, in a nutshell, a bookshelf speaker is a speaker that is made available as a part of the music system, such as a home theater package, shelf stereo, and others.

It’s also known as a “Bookshelf Loudspeaker”. Usually, it is compact in size and designed to fit perfectly inside a shelf or can be placed on top of it, as the name suggests.

The intention is to place bookshelf speakers on a raised surface, e.g. a book stand. However, there’s more to it — you could place them on top of other shelves (not just a bookrest) and increase productivity like never before.

History of Bookshelf Speakers

There was a time when those large loudspeakers were in fashion dating back to the 1950s. The enclosure of the speakers, at that time, used to be very large. However, in the 1960s, some companies tried to give it a shot by producing some top-of-the-line speakers that were both small and offered good sound quality.

But, the problem with those large speakers was that they occupied too much space and, therefore, couldn’t meet the demands of Hi-Fi audiophiles. So, there had to be some more innovations in this regard to give music aficionados peace of mind.

After doing research after research, these compact, good-sounding bookshelf speakers came into existence and have been impressing every music lover in distinct ways ever since.

Things to Look For in Bookshelf Speakers [2020]

What are the features that one must keep in mind at the time investing in a pair of bookstand speakers?

What’s the benefit of buying a pair of bookshelf speakers?

Are they any good?

Let’s take a look at what makes these bookstand speakers apart from other speakers and why you should not fail to benefit from them underneath:

1. Sound Quality

First things first — is the sound produced by your bookshelf speakers crystal-clear and balanced?

Nothing is more significant than how your speakers sound. If you’re serious about the raving, you mustn’t fail to notice the sound quality that the speakers produce.

Well, if you’re after the warmth in sound and concerned about space management, you’ll find these speakers fascinating, for sure.

2. Design

While not all music aficionados may not agree with this because they believe that music is all that matters and not the ergonomics. However, most music lovers would say that design also makes a big difference.

As a matter of fact, craftsmanship really plays a vital role because if your bookshelf speakers look great, they are highly likely to complement the area or place where you put them.

The same applies to the color — which color you love the most — is it black or white? While the color should be your personal preference, if you’re not sure about it, think about the place where you shall be putting the speakers. Match the color of the speakers with that of the bookshelf.

That way, you will come up with a great color match.

3. Size

How much space are the bookshelf speakers going to take after you’ve installed them on top of the bookshelf or inside one?

Ask yourself this question and see what answer you get.

If the speaker you’re planning to go with takes too much space and won’t fit in your bookstand, then it’s not worth spending your invaluable bucks on it.

Luckily, most of the bookrest loudspeakers boast space-efficient design and, therefore, offer you peace of mind in the first place. But, still, we recommend you take a close look at the dimensions of the bookshelf loudspeakers and then make a decision.

4. Reasonability

Is a pair of bookshelf speakers you’re trying to get your hands on offer bang for bucks?

Or do those speakers make you break the bank?

You certainly don’t want to make it happen if you have to suffer financially to invest in a good pair of speakers. That’s why, the rule of thumb is that always look for speakers that are reasonably priced, however, that doesn’t mean you should opt for the cheap bookshelf speakers.

That’s because cheap isn’t always good.

Do I Need an Amplifier for Bookshelf Speakers?

Just like you’d need a good amplifier for home theater, you may be in need of having a top-notch amplifier so you could get that perfect balance in the bass and treble.

However, the decision to go for one of the best stereo amplifiers should be taken after you have tried these bookstand speakers to make sure whether or not they sound great because sound amplification plays a crucial role in the overall performance of speakers.

Even people who are fond of listening to music on a regular basis have car subwoofers amplifiers installed (in their car). It’s because there’s nothing like elevating the sound like using an amplifier — no matter what type of speaker you’re using.

That’s why we’d say that it could be either “Yes” or “No” because it depends on the output of your bookshelf speakers. If the speakers you’ve decided to get your hands on generating great sound, you could simply avoid the amplifier.

List of Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000 [in 2020]

What are those top 10 bookshelf speakers that will have all music lovers 10 feet off the ground?

Well, it’s about time we have the big reveal.

So, let’s get down to business, starting with our top pick on the list:

1. SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) Review

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) Review

Highs, mids, and the lows — all vocals and musical content will sound amazing in these speakers.

If you’ve been purchasing one of the best subwoofers in the past, then we can take it for granted that you might’ve already heard about them — they bring award-willing products to life so that music devotees could feel like the happiest person on earth.

Well, this pair of bookshelf speakers, is not less than a subwoofer, courtesy of CVS for making quality products.

Yes, you read that right — it’s equipped with an SVS PC-2000 subwoofer that will turn your room into a soundstage and you’ll start raving in next to no time. The sound produced by these speakers wins the heart of people in seconds — the sound is perfectly balanced with the right amount of bass and treble, thanks to the tweeter and subwoofers.

What you’re going to listen to is a flawless tonal balanced audio out of these speakers as you play your legend’s songs. We don’t think that you’d get better than these bookshelf speakers within $1000 dollars since the output quality is way better than the competition.

The driver size of these speakers is 6.5 inches, which is as good as it could get to deliver the required tonal balance in the audio. The soundstage is wide. The tweeter size is 1 inch and it’ll produce crystal-clear audio even if you turn up the volume to max.

In addition to having a subwoofer, they’re also having a tweeter that would offer you the treble you’re on the lookout for. Though they are bookshelf speakers, they’d sound like floorstanding speakers and you’d be astonished by their sound like never before.

On the whole, you’ll feel the accurate frequency response with natural, crisp, and smooth sound but no lossy audio at all, not to mention that warmth in the music that will make you fall in love with these speakers.


  • Boasts a premium-quality 6.5-inch mid-bass driver with the 150 watts output power
  • Grows with you — the ergonomic and classy craftsmanship that always stays in trend
  • Crystal-clear soundstage with ultra-crisp, smooth, and powerful sound
  • Equipped with 2-way crossover to enhance the audio, especially for audiophiles
  • Sounds great no matter if you use them at low, medium, or high volumes
  • Sounds better than the concert hall, offering you the life-life soundstage
  • Space-efficient; doesn’t take much of your space — fits into any bookshelf like a charm
  • Suitable with most of the devices you might be having right now; no compatibility issues


  • Don’t work wirelessly (there’s no BT)

2. KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black) Review

KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black) Review

Are you on the hunt for a perfect pair of bookshelf speakers that house a Uni-Q driver? Guess what — we’ve got your back. This pair of Q350 speakers will have you floating on cloud nine as you plug them in.

In a nutshell, the sound of these bookshelf speakers will have you blown away!

Yes, we’re talking about KEF Q350 that could not get any better. The output power is 80 watts which is more than enough to move the mirrors hanging on the walls nearby.

No matter if you’re a cinemaholic or an audiophile, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with these bookstand speakers because they make use of a CFD design port.

Watch any action, fantasy, or horror flick and get lost in the cinematic music effects by plugging these speakers into your TV system and get a stress-free experience.

In these KEF’s bookshelf speakers, some innovations have been made — the tweeter has been put in the center of the midrange cone to produce a clearer and accurate sound image. These are not your conventional speaker, there’s something magical about them that fills the room with crisp sound.

Furthermore, to dispense with the internal resonance, the internal architecture has been redesigned so as to offer more clarity in the audio.

The design is up to the mark — with white vinyl and sleek metal black finishing, being the perfect fit to meet all your musical needs in the first place.


  • Highly innovative; uses one-if-a-kind Uni-Q driver for smoothing frequencies
  • Latest from the award-winning Q series to bring unmatched features to the table
  • Sleek design; you’ll get to see the ultimate craftsmanship to complete your space
  • Delivers detailed neutral sound; experience sound with crisp and more clarity than ever
  • One for all; perfectly suitable for purposes — movies, TV programs, and music
  • Boats a rear-ported design that produces the low-, mid-, and high-bass frequencies right when you need them
  • Braced cabinet design offers more rigidity and takes the performance even further
  • Uses High-quality terminals so you could get the most out of a perfect, clean connection
  • Compatible with most of the devices; works like a charm


  • Not wireless speakers (don’t work wirelessly)

3. AudioEngine A5+ Plus Wireless (BT) Speaker Review

AudioEngine A5+ Plus Wireless (BT) Speaker Review

Is it possible to get the most out of your music without having to connect the bookshelf speakers using wires?

Can you play your preferred music on a pair of speakers that boast a built-in power amp?

Well, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve that, this pair of speakers will make your dreams come true because you don’t have to depend on the wire to let your desired music play — now, playing via a Bluetooth (BT) connection has never been this easy.

But, there’s more to these speakers than meets the eye; the BT-enabled speakers don’t mean you can or should only use them via BT connection, the RCA and 3.5mm inputs are there to offer you full satisfaction when it comes to connectivity.

Don’t let their size fool you because these bookshelf speakers are equipped with the latest technology that will allow you to play music from most streaming websites. So, whether you’re a fan of iTunes or you’ve trying to get the hang of YouTube lately, or even Amarra, these speakers will never let you down.

According to PC Magazine, these speakers are capable of delivering stellar sonic sound with the 24-bit upsampling to make sure that audio never gets lossy even while you’re lost in your most-cherished music on a BT connection.

The reason why we love these is that there’s so much you can do without having to pay extra dollars, and yes, they’re available for under 1000 dollars.

As we know that you can connect your devices to these speakers via BT, but, in addition, you could also make use of stereo mini-jack input, stereo RCA, voltage selector, and much more.

The sound is incredible, the design is bold, and the performance is beyond explanation.


  • Let’s you play music wirelessly (via Bluetooth) — now comes with a premium integrated DAC
  • Delivers one-of-its-kind sound with more crispness and clarity
  • Works smoothly with most of the music streaming apps like iTunes, Amarra, YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • Remote controllable; control these speakers while you’re sitting away from the system
  • The package includes the cables; no need to invest in the cables separately
  • Premium design; these speakers are built using MDF wood to take longevity even further
  • These speakers don’t require any network setup and work hassle free without any password


  • Didn’t find any disadvantages

4. AudioEngine HD6 Wireless Speakers Review

AudioEngine HD6 Wireless Speakers Review

In need of an unbiased review of wireless bookshelf speakers that you can use with other devices than just a home theater?

Look no further — this is the ultimate pick for you.

Not only can these bookstand speakers be utilized with home theaters but also they’re going to rock turntables like no other speakers.

Do you know it caught our eye?

Well, similar to A5 — wireless bookshelf speakers review above — this one houses a built-in preamp. That means you don’t have to put your extra efforts into the purchase of an additional amplifier to elevate the sound of your music.

How many devices can these speakers connect with?

No matter if you have a CD player, Walkman, Mac, PC, TV, laptop, or a video-game console, this set of speakers is going to work like a charm with all of the devices. This depicts that there’s more room for you as far as the versatility is taken into account.

With these exceptional BT speakers, you’ll get to listen to your most favorite legends just the way they’re meant to be heard — with more clarity and warmth in the sound.

Now is the time for you to get lost in the stereophonic musical world and do away with all the worries you might have on your mind. A pair of silk dome tweeters have been installed in these speakers so you could get the balanced audio and don’t miss out on any tiny detail in the music.

Now, let’s take a glimpse at the Pros and Cons of these bookshelf speakers:


  • Premium wireless bookshelf speakers with brilliant sound so you could rave all night with friends
  • Compact yet delivers amazing mid, high, and low sound frequencies to fill any room
  • Elegant touch; enfolded with high-quality, hand-made wood that not just looks good but also increases longevity
  • Super easy to install and compatible with most of the devices and audio streaming websites
  • Connect the way you like; supports 3.5mm jack, RCA (in & out), USB, and most importantly, Bluetooth (BT) v.5.0
  • Perfectly suitable for desktops and small spaces so you could pay attention to your work
  • Offers great prolonged existence; design to last for years


  • None

5. JBL Studio 530 2-Way 5.25-Inch Bookshelf Speakers

JBL Studio 530 2-Way 5.25-Inch Bookshelf Speakers

Here comes the beast — the JBL Studio 530 — next-level speakers that will turn your party into a never-stopping rave.

In this comparable battle, we’ll be shedding light on every single aspect that matters as far as your musical experience is taken into consideration, namely audio quality, compactness, and so on.

Although you can get your hands on these JBL 2-way speakers at around 500 dollars only, they would be a BANG for your musical needs.

These high-end speakers deliver exceptional, neutral sound, and not fatigue. In these speakers, you will be able to lay your eyes on a 5-1/4" low-frequency transducer that will bring a powerful bass response to life at all audio levels — no matter if you like to listen to music at mid, high, or low frequencies.

The quality of the material is up to the mark — couldn’t get any better, what’s more, the output power of these speakers (in wattage) is 150 which works fine with most of the home theaters.

Not just that, you could even use them with the CD, DVD player, record players, and even with the TVs, allowing you to take the compatibility and versatility even further.

But, what if you don’t have a subwoofer?

Will these bookshelf speakers be able to stand that?

One of the best things about these speakers that catch us off guard is the sound stage — the same that you would like in speakers that are priced at around $4000, or even more.

We’ve tried many high-end speakers in the past but none of them turned out to be as satisfying as this 530 model from JBL did — hands down!

So, are you ready to turn your room into a movie theater?

If affirmative, it’s time you got your hands on these bookshelf speakers before it’s too late.


  • One of the best performing speakers on the market
  • Feature 130mm low-frequency transducer to deliver unmatched surround sound in any room
  • Houses a 22mm high-frequency compression driver to offer you never-experienced-before audio
  • The speakers are equipped with the Bi-radial horn which helps in decreasing the unwanted HF interaction
  • These bookshelf speakers are enclosed with the MDF wood construction to take the longevity even further
  • Delivers lossless sound, not to mention that 2-way crossover which helps the speakers fight with the distortion in the music
  • Next-level design; suits and complement any room you place it in and its one-of-its-kind looks change the game


  • Not BT Speakers

6. Definitive Technology D9 Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers

Definitive Technology D9 Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers

Trying to get your hands on a pair of bookshelf speakers that houses the unmatched 5.25-inch BDSS driver?

Meet this DT D9 model — a pair of brilliant speakers that will elevate the sound in a distinct way with the output power of 150 watts and sound clarity of 24 kHz.

If getting the precise center image is what your main is, then missing out on these speakers would be a foolish. It’s compatible with most of the applications — be it a 2.0 or 2.1 channel system that you would like to use it with, you’re good to go. And, it’s not just the sound that caught us off guard, the speakers follow the contemporary design which makes it look even cooler.

Want to use them with an amplifiers?

Well, if you’re a huge fan of deep and clean bass response, good news is that you could make the most out of these speakers with the amplifiers. In fact, you’d fall in love with the punchier bass that they bring to life, and that mid-range detailing is beyond explanation. However, it’s sad that there’s no wireless connectivity in these bookshelf speakers.

Definitive Technology — an American consumer electronics company based in California — has been in the field since 1990 and has been selling quality home theaters, audio systems, headphones, and soundbars since. It 2008, it also became part of DEI Holdings. Since it’s been 30 years, they are very well aware of ins and outs of making bookshelf speakers sound great.

So, are you ready to join your friends in the next rave with these speakers? Sound great, doesn’t it?


  • These speakers blend in with any amplifier and lifestyle
  • Compatible with the premium, top-rated DT ST1 Stands to get the most out of space efficiency
  • Brings versatility to life; either use as standalone speakers or turn into a sophisticated home theater — it’s your call
  • Meticulously sanded with the 5 layers of pain to give it a cool and out-of-this-world touch and increase longevity
  • Boasts minimalistic craftsmanship and a next-level performance in terms of audio quality
  • Aluminum tweeters, for crystal-clear sound, have been installed in these speakers to articulate detail in the high-frequency sounds so you could feel the music


  • Not Bluetooth-enabled Speakers

7. Polk Audio LSiM 703 Flagship Bookshelf Speaker

Polk Audio LSiM 703 Flagship Bookshelf Speaker

We all love flagship products, don’t we?

This LSiM 703, from Polk, has the same thing to offer. The speaker have been rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon and there’re 113 ratings (at the time of writing this article) which clearly shows that there’s something great about it that make the music aficionados say out “WOW”.

Let’s jump right in and see what this bookshelf speaker have to offer you.

First things firsts—if you’re looking for a pair of space-efficient speakers, you’ll find it very useful as proper space management has been kept in mind while designing it. What’s more, this speaker is equipped with the dynamic sonic engine which helps in reducing performance-robbing back wave reflections. What you’re going to experience is one-of-a-kind realistic imaging. The transient response, along with the off-axis response, has also been taken to the next level.

Speaking technically, there’s so much more that you’re going to lay your eyes on in this speaker like they use Klippel transducers which helps in getting rid of those unwanted resonance that you might feel in the cheap and old-fashioned speakers or offer you a high-quality, life-life playback.

If you’ve been admiring the wide soundstage in the previous speakers you had, you’d be ten feet off the ground because that’s exactly that you’ll experience in this speaker.

No matter if you’re a cinemaholic or you love to enjoy the highs and lows while listening to your favorite music genre, this speaker has got you covered in the first place. What happens with most of the people is that they’re having small rooms, and in spite of having a good pair of speakers, they lack the surround sound. However, that’s not something you’ll struggle with as this speaker create an elegant surround setup.


  • Delivers exceptional audio with clarity never experienced before; audio accuracy is up to the mark
  • Being a flagship speaker, it’s as impactful as a floorstanding speaker and won’t turn down your musical requirements
  • Speaker inside a speaker; it’s equipped with the sonic engine that incorporates a 3.25-inch mid-range drive for excellent sound
  • Not just the sound but ergonomics have been taken into consideration while designing it; space efficient
  • Need to turn this bookshelf speaker into floorstanding speaker? Well, mounting is all you need
  • The overall weight of this speaker is 29.60 lbs — a perfect weight to take care of the unwanted vibrations during playback
  • Compatible with the most of the amplifiers (Amps) to give you peace of mind and versatility


  • Don’t work wirelessly; doesn’t feature BT function

How to transform your audio experience with bookshelf speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are compact speakers and they are small enough to fit within a bookshelf. As they are small in size, they might have superior low-frequency response. But they can be integrated into a home theater surround sound setup to get a high power. It has built-in amplifiers allowing them to be stand alone music systems. So you don’t need a separate amplifier or receiver. This makes it a more compact and convenient system. To transform your audio experience with a bookshelf speaker, it’s recommended to avoid setting up your bookshelf speakers within an actual bookshelf like setup as the sound may resonate within the enclosed space.

What to look in for a bookshelf speaker under $1000?

Here I am going to explain what to expect from bookshelf speaker in this price range:

  • Integrated DAC bluetooth system with built-in amplifiers which provide an amazing audio experience to the listeners.
  • You can use it to enjoy hassle-free music any time you want
  • With these speakers, you don’t have to indulge yourself in the mess of tangled wires
  • Bookshelf speakers have strong Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced sound performance.
  • Compact and sleek design which makes it more convenient to use

How much to spend on a high quality bookshelf speaker?

Bookshelf speakers and specifically designed to maximize sound in small to medium sized spaces. Before spending money on purchasing a bookshelf speaker, you have to come across some of the factors. Such as:
The first one in the list is your purpose. If you are looking for a speaker to listen to music from your home, then you can go with a full range bookshelf speaker.
Size of the speaker’s woofers and tweeters
Durability of the speaker and also ensure that it doesn’t come with any dents, scratched, or other signals that it has been mishandled.

Consider the above given factors and choose a bookshelf speaker that fulfills all your necessities. You will have excellent options between $100 and $300. More than hundreds of bookshelf speaker models are available. If you are planning on spending more on purchasing a speaker, then speakers costing $10000 or more are also available. 

How do I choose a bookshelf speaker?

To choose a good quality bookshelf speaker, you must consider the factors from size and volume to sound quality. 

  • First you have to choose whether you want a wired or wireless speaker. A wired speaker has to be connected with a stereo amplifier using a speaker wire. While a wireless speaker has its own internal amplifier.
  • The sound quality of the bookshelf speaker is an important factor to be considered before choosing the speaker. Generally, bookshelf speakers have a limited number of drivers, which are the circular speakers on the front that actually create the sound. But they don’t have the power to pump out the thumping bass. So check the sound quality before purchasing.
  • Large speakers have more room for amplification circuitry and they also have larger drivers. But small speakers are convenient to use and move on. So decide your necessity before choosing.

Are bookshelf speakers as good as tower speakers?

Both a bookshelf speaker and tower speaker offer distinct advantages depending on the situation. If budget is the factor for you to distinguish them, then you can get both of them at a cost anywhere from $50 to more than $100,000. But there will be differences in structural and mechanical elements. If sound quality is the criteria, both bookshelf and tower speakers have good sound quality. That is, bookshelf speakers are good as tower speakers.

Do bookshelf speakers sound better on stands?

Placing on speaker stands and off the shelf helps to improve the performance of your bookshelf speaker. That is, proper placing of your speaker is necessary for excellent sound. This also lets you hear the tweeter’s high frequencies as clearly as possible. This is really important. Also, avoid using a bookcase or shelf to place your speakers. Placing them in bookshelves let you hear more reflected sound from the bookcase walls and shelves and less direct sound from the speakers.

Final Verdict: Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000

The best thing about bookshelf speakers is that you have the opportunity to choose the appropriate dimension based on the space you wish place them in. Just take a peek at the dimensions of the bookshelf speakers and see which one you’d most comfortable with — the one which is a perfect fit. Not just that, if you’re having a home theater, TV, turntable (or record player), or other music system, these bookshelf speakers will elevate the sound in ways you can’t expect — all of it, without breaking the bank since they’re affordable as compared to the floor-standing speakers.

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