Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers in 2022 [Cheap Car Sub Amps]

Written by SaifZiya

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve got a car.

And, if you’re a music lover, odds are you can’t miss out on a music system in your car, can you? Though a good-looking sound system with decent features comes in-built with most of the cars in this day and age, if you’re a music enthusiast and can’t live without the bass, coping with the inbuilt music isn’t not much of a choice.

While a lot of guys are passionate about listening to their favorite music by connecting their smartphones to the system (via an AUX cable), others love tuning in to their desired radio stations like “Sirius XM Radio”, or keep on getting the broadcasting of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”.

Whether you love the former choice or you prefer the latter one or both, making sure you get details in the audio quality out of the music system in your car. That being said, invest in the best car subwoofer amplifier is a must, especially if your wish is to boost the audio signal even if you have bigger speakers and woofer installed in the car.

This list comprises of the Cheap Car Sub Amps reviewed by our pro team members for you to make an informed choice for the best one with no hard work at all.

Do I Need a Car Subwoofer Amplifier?

Why on earth do you need a car subwoofer amplifier when your car already houses a built-in one?

Well, the reasons are many – it’s because that is an antediluvian subwoofer that just looks trash and causes unwanted distortion in the sound, another reason is that it is not as powerful as the modern subwoofers amplifiers are, and most prominently the louder sound, which is exactly you need for a long drive.

Let’s get the bigger picture.

It powers subwoofers: First thing first. The subwoofers are what you’re here for, right? The main job of a subwoofer amplifier is to intensify the sound in ways you can’t imagine. That way, the amplified sound easily surpasses the sound that is generated by the in-dash amplifier. That’s why you need a separate amplifier for the subwoofers to make your car dance.

It improves sound: In a nutshell, what an amplifier does is that it amplifies whatever it is used for. Therefore, if you’re bringing a sound amplifier, what it will do is that it will amplify the sound and generate boosted audio, creating better sound quality. Though the preinstalled amplifier that comes on the dash offers the decent sound quality, it’s not recommended to be used as far as top-notch audio is considered.

It powers speakers: Not just for the sake of subwoofers, you can make use of this amplifier to boost your speakers as well because if you use the in-dash amp for your speakers, the produced sound will fade away in comparison with the sound generated by the subwoofer amplifier.

Apart from aforesaid whys and wherefores, an audiophile may have other reasons in mind to invest in a subwoofer amplifier. And, you’re also recommended to keep all major aspects in mind because buying Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers doesn’t mean you should just buy anything.

How many channels should a Car Subwoofer Amplifier have?

Getting an answer to the “How many channels?” question is not a clear-cut task because the market is flooded with different-channel car subwoofer amplifiers that make people come unglued.

The no. of channels depends on what you wish to get out of your music system in the present day, and also in the future. If you’re looking for one of the most Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers, the following needs to be kept in mind.

1-channel Amp: A 1-channel is perfect to amplify the sound if your car only houses a single speaker, which is not true in most cases. However, a 1-channel amplifier is not what we recommend you to buy for your car.

2-channel Amp: Bringing more versatility to life, a 2-channel amplifier can power two speakers just like the ones you got in the car. Furthermore, if you’re looking forward to combining the output of two channels into a single one, powering a subwoofer would be a great move.

4-channel Amp: A 4-channel amplifier is an ultimate choice. Giving you more flexibility, this one is a perfect fit if you’re thinking of connecting two speakers and a subwoofer to get the sound you need. So, even if you have got 3 speakers and a subwoofer, this Hi-Fi amp won’t let you down.

But amplifiers don’t just stop there, there’s another one and it’s the daddy of all other we mentioned above. Yes, it is a 5-channel subwoofer amplifier that is capable of amplifying the audio of 4 speakers (2 in the front dash and 2 in the back) and a subwoofer (usually sits at the backside).

Succinctly, it all comes down to the no. of speakers you want to play the music on. The more speakers you wish to use, the more channels need to be there in the subwoofer amplifier you opt for.

People who experience the flip in the sound produced is because they are using speakers with more RMS. Put differently, if your amplifier is producing more power than your speakers can handle, the speakers will generate poor sound.

Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers

In spite of being aware of the nuts and bolts of the channeling in budget car subwoofer amplifiers, other complications could bring you down. That’s because you’ll meet thousands of amplifiers on the market and picking out the best amplifier from them would be a thorn in your side.

That because makes an informed choice for the finest car subwoofer amplifier requires a lot of research which is only possible if you’ve plenty of time because you can’t miss out on anything.

Luckily, picking out a reasonable car sub amp is now a walk in the park, thanks to the efforts put by the pro editors of SoundBoosted.

So, without any ado, let’s shed light on Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers to help you in informed decision making:

1. Kenwood KAC-M3004 600-W 4-Channel Amplifier Review

Kenwood KAC-M3004 Car Subwoofer Amplifier


  • Proudly made by Kenwood
  • #1 Best Seller
  • Delivers first-class sound quality
  • Installation is a child’s play
  • It’s a steal - bang for your bucks
  • 600-watt powerful car subwoofer amp
  • Compact size
  • Produces loud and clearer sound
  • Features signal sensing – Turn-on
  • Comes in gray color
  • Portable and easy to fit in small places
  • Uses conformal coated main PCB for extended life
  • Lightweight: weighs 2.2 pounds only
Now is the time to meet the Kenwood KAC-M3004.

Kenwood turns out to be a complete game-changer for the fact it introduces exactly the same thing circuitry you’re craving for – a 4-channel Car Subwoofer Amplifier.

It’s no wonder the Kenwood has been in the game for a long time and we believe that it will always strive to be the same in the long run. Its in-case equipment is one-of-a-kind. You name it, they’ve got it – from speakers, subwoofers to different kinds of affordable and top-of-the-line car accessories, all desires fulfilled.

To accept the challenges of innovations, Kenwood has been bringing advanced technologies to table in its different products, such as speakers, car amplifiers, subwoofers, CD players, etc. It’s even popular in the radio market.

Coming back to this KAC-M3004, since it’s a 4-channel car subwoofer amplifier, connecting both your car subwoofer and the speakers to it won’t be an issue at all. The peak power of this car sub amp is 600 watts, which is as good as it gets to rock any car in the world.

While it boasts unmatched features, nevertheless it’s available within your means – you will find it very affordable. And, we all know that Kenwood always strives to make top-notch sub amplifiers which is why you won’t have to regret the choice you make today by investing in this amazing car sub amp.

Perhaps, that’s why it has been listed as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller because people have been admiring it. We’ve even used many amplifiers made by Kenwood and insofar the sound quality matters, it is at its peak – a higher level achieved. This depicts this amplifier isn’t something to miss out on.

Customer Reviews:

"Tiny Amp, BIG power!"

- Dereck W.

2. BOSS R1004 Riot 400W 4-Channel Amplifier Review

BOSS R1004 Cheap Car Subwoofer Amplifier
Coupon Available


  • Designed by BOSS Audio Systems
  • A 400 Watt powerful amplifier
  • Features 4 channels
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Full range, Class A/B Amp
  • Also houses ‘Variable Gain Control’ feature
  • Options for adjusting low and high levels inputs
  • Features an LED indicator
  • Comes with the MOSFET power supply
  • Auto shut-off feature if it gets hot

If your intention is to achieve the best result for the smallest efforts, you’d definitely look out for a car subwoofer amplifier that offers the bank for your bucks.

Speaking of reasonable, this BOSS R1004, which is a 4-channel amplifier, will give you the unmatched sound quality for the money spent. Since it is a 4-channel amplifier, you should be able to attach your speakers along with a subwoofer with it.

Whether you’re longing for the installation of this amp in your car or in a golf cart that is parked in your garage, this amplifier will be a lifesaver. This amp will not produce any flip in the sound, instead, you will get the clearer audio out of your speakers.

Being a 2-Ohm car amplifier, it’s capable of giving your music system a boost. And, if this is your very first time buying an amplifier for your car, we strongly suggest you go with this one because it’s been designed for the newcomers.

Though it’s been entailing a lot of capabilities, it’s still thought of as one of the best budget car subwoofer amplifiers available for the music enthusiasts.

This entry-level subwoofer amplifier comes with the ‘Full Range’, meaning it can do wonders if you’re about to connect both your speakers and subwoofer to it. It houses both low-level and high-level inputs which give you more flexibility to adjust your music requirements.

Customer Reviews:

"For small amplification, this 4-channel 400-watt amplifier is a really good. Recommend it everyone!!!"


3. BOSS R1100M, 1100-Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier Review

BOSS R1100M, 1100-Watt Car Sub Amplifier


  • Proudly made by BOSS
  • An 1100-watt Car Amplifier (at 2 Ohms)
  • Comes with the speaker-level inputs and line-level inputs
  • Features a low pass crossover
  • Boasts flexible bass boost
  • Remote subwoofer control (wired)
  • Features a variable low-pass filter
  • Protection from short – automatically shuts off
  • Comes with a 3-year online dealer warranty
  • Houses a cool blue well-lit BOSS logo

How is this one different from R1004 reviewed above? That’s an intelligent question!

If you’re getting a first-rate amplifier by spending a couple of more dollars, why not buy this one? Yes, you read that right – you only need to add a couple of bucks to get this one which makes a huge difference, being an 1100-watt amplifier.

Also, it’s not surprising the most of the BOSS’ models are known to be budget car subwoofer amplifiers, and that’s what makes this one the same.

It’s a 2 Ohm car amplifier, meaning it’s can easily handle both your speakers and subwoofer. In fact, you can even switch the bass boost right in accordance with your music needs – the low bass can be boosted at +18db. Want to get more control over the frequencies that pass through the subwoofer? Luckily, this BOSS car amp has got you covered – there’s low-pass filtering that is completely adjustable as per your wishes.

If you had the ability to do the adjustment or fine-tune other settings for the subwoofer sitting far from it, wouldn’t you make use of those capabilities? Appreciatively, this subwoofer control is remote controlled (wired), therefore, you don’t have to come closer to it to fine-tune the settings, among other tweakings.

If you’re an admirer of bass boost, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this piece because it has all the options you need to get your musical journey started – speaker output, power input, fuse, subwoofer control port, speaker level inputs, filter and input controls, and not to mention RCA inputs.

On top of it, it is extremely powerful and compact. So, there’s no need to be afraid of since it won’t be taking much of the space to be installed in your car. Although it can be grabbed under $70, if you’re not short on money, you can consider a 2000 watt amplifier that is available around $100 for you, plus there’s a coupon code that may give you an extra 15% on the final checkout.


Customer Reviews:

"It's a great Amp considering the price range. I've bought it for my BOSS 12" Subwoofer. It's working great!"

-Justin Nelson

4. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime Car Amplifier Review

Pioneer GM-A6704 Budget Car Sub Amplifier


  • Built by Rockford
  • Offers superior sound quality
  • A powerful 500-watt, Class-D amplifier
  • Comes with RCA connectivity
  • Features an on-board equalizer boost
  • Includes a satisfactory wired remote
  • Features 4-gauge ground connectors
  • Supports most famous MOSFET power supply
  • Protects from short circuits
  • Boasts High-level inputs
  • Minimized noise level
  • Value for money (reasonably priced)
  • Remote controlled (wired)
  • Designed to last longer
  • Made from a rigid material

Need to invest in a car amplifier that is highly rated?

This Rockford’s R500X1D will be a lifesaver because it boasts a powerful 500-watt circuitry that will make your car dance like never before. In addition to having a MOSFET power supply, there’s more to this commanding car subwoofer amp than meets the eye.

When a 250-watt amp from Rockford can rock your 250RMP subwoofer, how do you think this dominant amplifier will take care of your next-level sunflower that’s even bigger?

This one is also considered as one of the budget car subwoofer amplifiers i.e. a cheap sub amp because the pricing model is something that draws the attention of the car lovers.

Some verified customers believe that it is even more powerful than a 1400 RMP amp setting. Not only it is cheaper with the pricing model in mind, but also it is capable of doing wonders to give you a next-level bass boost.

Since you’ll be customizing the amp as per your wishes, you will need proper wiring management or everything will look cluttered or messy. That’s why it’s also important that you add the “Amplifier wiring kit” to create a perfect bundle for the perfect setup. For your convenience, you can also buy the wiring kit separately if you wish to do so.

Customer Reviews:

"It's very powerful and compact in design. Good for car audiophiles."

- Koyangi

5. Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier with Bass Boost

Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Car Sub Amp


  • Proudly made by Pioneer
  • Model: GM-A6704
  • A 1000-watt amplifier
  • 4-channel car subwoofer bridgeable amplifier
  • Boasts bass boost feature
  • Available in Black/Red color
  • Bass boost can be adjusted easily
  • Incorporates a variable high pass filter
  • Supports auto signal sensing
  • Super easy to install
  • Brings superior sound quality to life
  • Value for money – affordable

If a 1-channel or 2-channel Car Amplifier is not your cup of tea, we think it’s time you invested in a 4-channel bridgeable amplifier for your car to rock any type of music. Notwithstanding the reasonable pricing, it has got the guts to produce the power of 1000 watts like a pro. There’s no need to do anything because it automatically senses the signal and turns on.

Speaking of sound quality, Pioneer will keep you at ease because it produces excellent sound quality, maintaining a perfect balance between your speakers and subwoofer. Though it is a 1000-watt Car Subwoofer amplifier, it possesses the capability of holding a 1300-watt subwoofer with no pain in the neck.

Unlike other subwoofer amplifiers, the problem music enthusiast usually face is the overheating. However, regardless of being a powerful car amp, it will not overheat whatsoever. If you install it with 4 door speakers, you will begin to imagine that you’re installed a subwoofer in your car.

Do you like to customize the bass boost in accordance with your desires? If that’s what you wish, you’re in luck because this Pioneer GM-A6704 is packed with a modifiable bass boost option that will save your life, apart from being one of the best budget car subwoofer amplifiers (cheap car sub amps).

Customer Reviews:

"Great Car Sub Amp for the bucks. Versatile and powerful. Using for 4 door speakers in my car and it feels like I'm having a Sub."

- Justin Hutto

Which is the Best Car Subwoofer Amplifier?

So, which, according to you, should be the best amplifier for your car subwoofer of out these budget car subwoofer amplifiers?

We’ve already told you in the section above that there are many aspects that come into play while picking out the best one to install in your car.

That’s why we took every tiny detail into account and we came up with “KAC-M3004” which has been manufactured by Kenwood. The reason why it surpassed others on this list is that it is a 4-channel Car Subwoofer Amplifier and has other cool features. Speaking of the sound quality, we don’t think you will get better sound than this considering the pricing model of this model.

So, if you can’t make up your mind towards these budget car subwoofer amplifiers, we recommend you go for the “Best Pick” or “Editor’s Choice” at the top without any delay.

Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers: Conclusion

Picking out of the best from a list of Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers is not a piece of cake because it requires days of research. Plus, you need to be a knowledgeable person to do so. And, since not everyone has the ins and outs of these Cheap Car Subwoofer Amplifiers, we made it super easy for all of you with this buyer's guide. You can choose any of the above-listed Car Sub Amps and nothing comes to mind, then "Editor's Choice" is there for you always. 

Get One Before It's Too Late

The best time to get your hands on these Top 5 Budget Car Subwoofer Amplifiers is NOW because, one minute, they're here; the next, they are gone - out of stock, or worst-case scenario, discontinued by the company.