Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro (Wireless) — Which Gaming Headset is Better?

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Although there are loads of similarities between Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro in terms of feature, great comfort and longevity, we found Arctis Pro to be the front runner and Arctis 7 a runner up which should help you choose the right gaming headset.

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Written by SaifZiya

In this battle of “Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro”, which headset do you think is better — is it Arctis 7 or Arctis Pro?

If you’re a hardcore gamer and can’t miss out on the immersive gaming experience, this article is for you. Even if you’re a casual gamer, read on — you won’t be disappointed.

The gaming headsets have been a game-changer in the past. The immersive gaming experience that they bring to the table can’t be neglected. The ability to keep track of all sneaking (by enemies) in the game is fascinating and keeps the Pro gamers satisfied to the fullest.

Having taken an in-depth analysis, we’ve found Arctis Pro (wireless) to be getting the upper hand over Arctis 7 based on wired/wireless gaming, neutral sound, commuting, daily usage, phone calls, and other categories.

Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro

Both Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro offer you the ultimate versatility i.e. both are available as wired and wireless gaming headsets. It will allow you to connect the headphones on any devices you want, be it your Xbox, PC, iOS, PS4, and other devices — the package has all the cables included you need to acquire that connectivity.

Insofar the mixed usage is taken into account, the Arctis Pro model gets a rating of 9 out of 10 while the SteelSeries Arctis 7 barely makes it to 8 out of 10. Speaking of the neutral sound, both sound great, however, the Pro model somehow manages to stay one step ahead in this comparison battle.

Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro

Both are closed-back headsets, and you’ll get lossless, top-notch audio with zero interference. The best thing about these headphones is that you can make use of them while you’re talking to someone on the phone (i.e. while you’re on a call), while commuting, or in the office. These headsets shouldn’t be too cumbersome while exercising.

Now, let’s talk about the weight, which is related to the comfort to enjoy your favorite music with no interruption at all. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 weighs 0.77 lbs while the Pro model weighs slightly higher — 0.8 lbs with the clamping force of 1.2 lbs and 1.1 lbs respectively, which doesn’t make much of a difference.

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Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro — Key Differences

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset

Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Only supports Wi-Fi connectivity (no BT)

Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Dual-battery System (Swappable)

Only has a single-battery system

Uses a Transmitter Base 

Uses a Wi-Fi Dongle

Transmitter has an LED


Uses BT V.1

Does't support BT

Noise Cancellation - Yes

Noise Cancellation - Yes

Battery Life: 15.3 x 2 = 30.6 hrs

Battery Life: 25 hrs

Charge Time: 1.3 hrs

Charge Time: 3.3 hrs

Charging Port: USB

Charging Port: USB

Non-BT Range: 175 ft

Non-BT Range: 131 ft

Wired Connectivity: Yes

Wired Connectivity: Yes

Compatible with: PS4, PC, XBox, Mobile

Compatible with: PS4, PC, XBox, Mobile

Supports Optical Input

Doesn't support

Supports Dock Charging

Doesn't support that

Need an unbiased review of Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro on controls? It’s about time you read this all-inclusive review. The rating below has been given for the front runner headset — SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset.

1. Controls

(9.2 rating out of 10)

Controls are how a headset stands out, period.

If you wish to control the volume, change tracks, take a call without needing to take out the phone from your pocket, you need to take a close look at the controls that these headsets are equipped with.

When it comes to ease of use based on the controls that both gaming headset bring to life, it turns out that Arctis Pro is a bit better than the Arctis 2019 edition.

Although the Arctis 7 offers good comfort, the Pro model takes the comfort even further. The transmitter base of SteelSeries Arctis Pro has an LED display that allows the gamers to fine tune the audio settings right in accordance with personal preference.

The pro model has a base that can be used as a signal transmitter and also has a charging station while its older model has a wireless USB dongle which also works fine.

The Pro edition is also having optical input which is something that you won’t get to see in the previous model. And, the charging wirelessly all the way through the dock is what makes the Arctis Pro even more impressive, and this is something that you can’t achieve on the Arctis 7 wireless headset because that requires charging via a USB cable.

2. Design

(9.3 rating out of 10)

(Based on an in-depth comparison i.e. Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro, which headphones are stylish, comfortable, and use down-to-earth design)

While features matter a lot, design is what make the gamers fall in love with the gaming headsets. That’s why it’s crucial that not only your headset bring impressive functionality to the table but also looks good on your (when worn, or while it’s sitting on the table).

In fact, if your headset has been designed with the ergonomics in mind, this will take the comfort to the next level. The Arctis Pro follows an aluminum alloy construction which not only boosts the longevity of the headphones but makes the headset look cooler as well. This also makes it one of the most durable headphones you will come across.

In terms of styling, the Arctis 7 gets a 9 rating while the Arctis Pro model gets a 9.2 rating out of 10 ratings. Both headphones look astonishing when worn. If you’re someone who has had enough the headsets don’t fit your head, these headsets will help you get out of that situation.

We’ve already talked about the weight above, which only makes a slight difference. Speaking of the compatibility, none of them is OS-specific headset, meaning both work on all devices, irrespective of the operating systems.

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3. Sound Quality

(9.0 rating out of 10)

(Which headset brings great sound quality to the table — is it Arctis 7 or Arctis Pro? Let’s find out.)

In this comparison i.e. Arctis 7 vs Arctis, having analyzed the sound signature, we’ve been astonished at how these headsets sound.

When we went through the frequency response, we came to know that the Pro model offers perfectly-balanced sound. The perfect, here, means that you need the right amount of bass and treble and at the right time.

The bass amount in Arctis Pro is -0.63 db and in the general model, it is -0.9 db which should make the final score crystal clear to you. The same goes with the amount of treble produced when a song is played. The consistency of frequency has been taken even further with the score of 1.18 dB in the pro model.

The accuracy of bass in the Pro version is up to the mark with the Std. Err. of 1.23 dB, and the same goes with the mid accuracy which is — the Arctis Pro turns out to be a winner in this category, as well.

If you wish to get the most out of all frequencies without struggling with overemphasis, then you can’t miss out on “Peaks” which, again, something you will get in the Pro model. In a headset, the value of the peaks should be lesser than 1.5, and guess what — the pro model has only 1.43 db while the Arctis 7 model has 1.82 db.

4. Noise Isolation

8.9 rating out of 10)

(See whether it is Arctis 7 or Arctis Pro that helps you get the most out of noise isolation)

Do you wish to mute the world while enjoying your favorite piece of music? If that’s what you’re looking forward to achieving, you’ve come to the right place.

Noise isolation and sound leakage are related to each other, but don’t worry — we’ll break them down for you.

The noise isolation means how much noise is blocked by the headphones after you’ve them on. This is very important while you’re travelling in an airplane, or when someone is using an electric machine nearby. For example, if you’re mow your lawn on your own, you certainly don’t want to listen to the sound of whirring while listening to music.

The noise isolation only works right the way it should only if there’s no sound leakage.

So, when you put the headphones on, make sure that they have been perfectly adjusted as per your ear size, or there will be some sound leakage.

Therefore, insofar this “Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro” is taken into consideration, you must go with those headphones that offer up-to-the-mark noise isolation or it’s not worth it. And, as a result, we’ve seen that it’s Arctis Pro that allows you to control more background noises while you’re indulged in listening to your favorite music on the headphones.

What’s more — while the noise isolation does the magic in the background, you’ll still be able to get the most out of perfectly-balanced audio, with a right amount of bass, mid, and treble.

The Arctis 7 has been a runner up in this comparison and the Arctis Pro made it to the top.

And, the same goes with the sound leakage in which the Arctis 7 has been the 2nd best, with Pro model a winner.

As per the “Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro” comparison, you won’t only get to see the noise-cancellation in terms of sound but both headphones house a noise-cancelling mic which will also eliminate background noises in the noisy environments.

5. Microphone

(9.5 rating out of 10)

It’s no wonder that both headphones — Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro — have been equipped with the microphone.

The real question is, which headphones handle the noisy surroundings while a benchmark takes place?

Even though Arctis 7 has got an 8.8 rating in how well the microphone records the audio, the Arctis Pro headset couldn’t just back up — it gets a 9.4 rating out of 10 which clearly shows that there’s something good about the Pro model.

Both headsets use a boom mic, and not an integrated or in-line one. However, the boom mic can’t be removed from the headphones — if you’re wondering.


Arctis Pro

Arctis 7

Recording Quality

9.4 Rating

8.8 Rating

Noise Handling

9.3 Rating

8.9 Rating

In effect, we believe that you’re going to fall head over heels in love with the crystal-clear audio recordings because the Pro model boasts a ClearCast noise-cancelling bidirectional mic.

6. Battery

(9.3 rating out of 10)

What about the battery?

Does it last longer than 20 hours of continues gaming?

Well, let’s take a closer look.

In the Arctis 7 gaming headset, what you get is a single rechargeable battery (non-removable) that promises you the 24-hour uninterrupted life so you could rest assured while you’re busy in your longest gaming walkthroughs or sessions.

While a 24-hour battery should be more than enough to you, what Arctis Pro has to offer will surprise most — it features two swappable batteries.

Yes, you read that right. There’s a dual-battery setup in the Arctic Pro model — two batteries are included in the package and you can use one battery while another one is being charged inside the headphones base.

Both headsets use rechargeable batteries. In our benchmark, the battery life of Artic 7 Pro has turned out to be 15.3 hrs. (This is about using a single battery — there’s another battery that is in the transmitter base which will double the performance). The Artic 7 battery life offers a continuous 25-hour performance (but it only has a single battery). Therefore, the overall battery life of Artic 7 Pro should be 30.6 hrs (in total — combining life of dual-battery system) while its older model will only count the life of a single battery which is 25 hours.

Another fascinating thing that we’ve come across in this Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro comparison review while charging the batteries to the fullest is the amount of time it takes. The general model i.e. Arctis 7 takes about 3.3 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100%, but Arctis Pro is capable of doing that in 1.3 hours only which makes a huge difference.

Both headsets use a micro-USB for the charging purpose.

So, no more sitting next to an outlet trying to keep your headphones’ battery charged all the time, courtesy of dual-battery system.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

7. Connectivity

(9.1 rating out of 10)

Now, this one is very important as we’ve seen most of the gamers struggling with wireless connectivity.

Let’s go over it and see how both Arctis 7 models handle the wireless connection to give you the satisfaction you’ve been craving for lately.

Speaking of the connectivity, the Arctis 7, unfortunately, only supports a Wi-Fi connection — the headphones use a wireless receiver that works like a charm based on a 2.4G connection for lossless audio. As for the Arctis Pro, it takes it even further because it not only works smoothly with the Wi-Fi-based 2.4G connection but also can make use of Bluetooth (4.1 version) to offer you the ultimate satisfaction.

After putting your Arctis Pro gaming headset, you’ll experience lag-free gaming even while you’re 40 feet away from the transmitter base which is a lifesaver.

Another difference to keep in mind is that Arctis Pro model uses a transmitter base while the Arctis 7 works based on a wireless receiver that looks like a dongle.

Speaking of the non-BT connection, you’ll definitely get to experience better results in the Arctis Pro model.

8. Comfort

(9.0 rating out of 10)

How comfortable are both of these headphones based on the “Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro” comparison battle?

Is the former one better or vice versa?

If your head is a bun, the Arctis Pro is butter.

We know that features matter most, but you cannot just invest in a gaming headset that puts too much strain on your head or ears while you’re lost in your favorite music genre.

That’s why it’s very crucial to ensure that your headphones are comfy and can be used for longest hours without straining your ears. In this area, both Arctis Pro and Arctis 7 are using AirWeave ear cushions that will keep your ears and head cool and dry all the time.

And, as for the fabric, the both headsets are equipped with the premium woven ski goggle contours, which makes sure that the headset fits around your head perfectly. And, guess what — both headsets are lightweight.

Therefore, it’s a draw because both headphones incorporates the same material and durable steel band so you could feel the build quality.

So, if you’re concerned about long gameplays, you can rest assured because both Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro headsets will have your back in the first place.

9. Active Features

(9.4 rating out of 10)

Is there an app (application) that these headphones are compatible with to enhance your listening experience?

Well, there’s an app — SteelSeries Engine.

Both headsets can allow you to fine tune your audio output all the way through the equalizer in the app to get different frequency responses based on the audio profile chosen. Now, in the Arctis 7 vs Arctis Pro comparison, the former has the facility to mute or unmute the microphone while latter allows you to have an adjustable level.

And, being two of the best gaming headsets, how can these headphones let you down? Well, they don’t because the app also has an option for the 3D surround-sound system which will let you get the most out of immersive gaming.

These are DTS headphones (v2.0) so you could hear even the tiniest details it all in the game — the bullets ricocheting, zombies shuffling, and engines roaring, and much more.

None of the aforesaid headphones support NFC, so no comparison can take place in that regard.

But, what about the wired connectivity?

Well, in addition to supporting wireless audio stream, both headsets can also run on a wired cable, speaking of which, you will get 5 cables in the Arctis Pro while Arctis 7 only has 3 (see the image below for better understanding).

Let’s talk about the compatibility with the devices you can connect these headphones to. Both headsets can effortlessly be connected with the PC/PS4 (Analog and Non-BT wireless) and Xbox One analog (Audio & Mic). The Arctis Pro is also capable of being connected to Xbox one Non-BT wireless which is something you won’t be able to do in the Arctis 7.

And, as for the base/dock, we’ve already talked about it earlier — the Arctis Pro works based on a wireless dock (transmitter) while the Arctis 7 uses a wireless USB dongle.

Furthermore, the Arctis Pro also has an optical input for lossless audio which you won’t be able to get your hands on in the Arctis 7 model.

Arctis Pro Vs Arctis 7: What’s in the Box?

So, what is it that you will get your hands on in the box after you’ve received the package?

You cannot take for granted whatever is included in the box because this is not “The Maze Runner” (film) and, therefore, it’s significant that you be aware of every single component that’ll be provided in the bundle.

You’ll get the following in the box:

Arctis Pro

Arctis 7

User Manual

User Manual



Wireless Transmitter

Wireless Dongle

Addition Battery


5 Cables

3 Cables

That means you will everything you need to get going — start your gaming session.

If you think that your order is missing something and you would like to have a chat with us or if you have any question, feel free to reach out to us.

Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro (Wireless) — How to Choose Right One?

Choosing the right one out of these two could be a bane of your existence if you don’t have the familiarity of “ins and outs” of them. That’s why we went over every tiny detail to provide you with the final verdict and help you choose the right headset based on your personal preference.

As you’ve read the article, you might’ve noticed that we didn’t talk about the price range, did we?

Well, let’s go over that, shall we?

While it’s clearer that Arctis Pro is better than Arctis 7 in terms of features, battery life, and much more, you can’t fail to notice the fact that it’s overpriced.

Yes, you read that right — Arctis Pro is priced at around $299.99 which means it’s good for those music lovers that are trying to get their hands on the best gaming headsets under $300, $400, or $500, and if we talk about the pricing model of Arctis 7, you will see a big difference it (at the time of writing this article) is priced at $149.99 which makes it suitable for those music aficionados looking for best gaming headphones under $150, $200, or $250.

Despite that fact Arctis Pro is a little expensive (only in comparison with Arctis 7), you can’t fail to notice the exceptional features it brings to the table -- and, you only buy the headphones so that it could last for years as this is not something that you cannot do everyday. 

Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro (Best Gaming Headset)

Both Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro have been rated and reviewed as "Best Wireless Gaming Headset" of the year in top technology magazines, such as T3, WIRED, PCGAMER, GIZMODO, IGN, tom's guide, and so on.

Final Verdict: Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro

We all know that buying a gaming headset is something that we once a year or two — putting different, this is not something we do on a regular basis. That’s why you need to make sure that you get all the modern features in the gaming headset (or a normal one) that you pay for, and based on this “Arctis 7 Vs Arctis Pro” comparison battle, what we’ve got our head around is that Arctis Pro easily manages to get the upper hand over Arctis 7 — the late edition. And, what’s why the main attraction is the Pro model, with the notable and outstanding swappable batteries and extended features. If you still have any questions regarding comparison battle of these gaming headsets — SteelSeries Arctis 7 Vs SteelSeries Arctis Pro, feel free to reach out to us.

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