Which Is Better Belt Drive Or Direct Drive Turntable?

If you’re planning to buy a  turntable for the first time or if you’re upgrading your current setup. Then there will come some confusion because Audio-Technica turntables are available in both belt drive and direct drive types. So it is important to know the differences and which type is right for you? The right choice may depend on a few factors.

Which is better belt drive or direct drive? There are several factors to checkout. So let’s learn more about belt drive and direct drive to help you to make an informed purchase decision. Let’s find out.

What is The Belt Drive Turntable?

Mostly all the turntables use belt drives to spin the device’s platter, but a belt drive uses an elastic belt that is directly attached to the turntable’s motor that offers quick and precise movements. Belt Drive Turntable is made from natural or synthetic rubber and the simple design even a modestly priced model can provide good sonic performance.

What is The Belt Drive Turntable

As the name suggests the belt drive uses a belt to spin the platter and keep the record rotating. But the belt tends to wear out, and it will need to be replaced that is a simple and inexpensive task.

Pros of Belt Drive

What is The Direct Drive Turntable?

The direct-drive turntable is directly attached to the player’s motor. No belt is required and it is mostly preferred by DJs because they can get up to speed almost instantly and spins freely with no resistance. The platter of Direct drive is less sensitive so it is easy to spin the record in either direction without the risk of damaging the motor

Pros of  Direct Drive

Difference Between Belt-Drive and Direct Drive Turntables

Belt-drive Turntables

Direct-drive Turntables

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Which is Better?

If you’re looking for high-quality sound, consistent playback, and a classic design then try to choose a belt-drive record player. And if you’re looking for durability, long-term play options, and ease of use then it’s great to consider the direct-drive turntable.

But both Turntables offer great benefits, and sometimes one source might sound better to some and the other will come up with another benefit. So it is better to test out a record player before making a choice and make sure to determine your priorities.

So now you know the differences between a direct drive and a belt-drive turntable without much problem. There are certain factors to look out for when deciding to get a turntable. So the best way to choose the right design is simple to use your ears and select the one. Hope you liked this article and found it useful, share your thoughts and ideas with us.