How to Clean Your Earphones Wire at Home?

How to Clean Earphones Wire at Home

Written by SaifZiya

What’s the self-made way to ensure that you don’t get an allergic reaction while listening to your cherished music with earphones plugged into your ears?

With evolving technologies, people are getting lazy. They purchase expensive earphones, and when they get a little old or have some dirt on them, they throw them away like a piece of trash.

Before diving into the “Know-hows”, let’s first pay attention to the “Whys”:

Why Clean Your Earphones' Wire?

Undoubtedly, dirty earphones can cause irritation, itching, and severe allergy which could be a red flag to your health.
There’re other significant reasons why one needs to remove the dust from one’s earphones every once in a while like:

  1. If you clean your earphones, they will not cause any itching
  2. If you clean all the unwanted substances from your earphones, it will look as fresh as new
  3. Removing dirt from your earpieces will also increase the longevity and they will likely to last longer
  4. If earphones are not clean, other things can be dirty when you put them with your earphones

As a result, the rule of thumb says that always clean your earphones or headphones on a regular basis, and how you can do that is exactly what we are about to tell you in this simple yet effective guide.

Before we begin, we’d like you to know that this is the easiest method that you will ever find on the Internet. You may also come across some tutorials asking you to make use of “Hydrogen Peroxide”, however, the problem with that is that not everyone has got that, and some folks don’t even know what that is.

Things You Will Need:

  • Soap water/detergent water
  • Two clothes
  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towel/bath sponge

Cleaning Your Earphones Using Soapy/Detergent Water


Step 1 - Removing Tips

First things first. If you’ve decided to clean your earphones at home, the very first thing you’ve got to do is remove the tips from your earphones, if possible. That’s because not all earphones house tips – earphones with no tips also exist.


Step 2 - Cleaning

Once you’ve taken tips out of the earphones, the next thing you need to do is clean them using a soft cloth or bath sponge. And, to do that, you’re required to use some dishwashing detergent or if you don’t have that, you can also use soap water. Remember, the cloth should be moist and that’s why you should squeeze and let all the liquid extract thoroughly. Also, don’t add too much detergent or soapy water.


Step 3 - Wiping Off 

Then, you’re suggested to wipe away the earphones. This needs to be done gently and throughout every corner of the earphones. That way, you can ensure the existence of your headset. What you need to focus on is the mesh screens so as to get rid of all the debris and dirt that’s blocking the holes. While you do this on the top side or earpieces, don’t forget the wire.


Step 4 - Rinsing off

Now, either wash your dishwashing cloth or get another one to rinse off your earphones. This can be done by damping the clean cloth in the clean water. Wipe away all of the detergent soap that is left on your earphones and the wire gently and continue doing that until your earphones are free from soap residue.


Step 5 - Drying Out

Once you’re confident that there’s no soapy remainder on your earphones or wire, it’s time to leave them for around 25-30 minutes so as to dry them out. We don’t recommend putting them in the sun. When dried completely, you can assemble everything you took apart – the tips, or earcups (in case of headphones).

Voila! You’ve successfully cleaned your earphones at home with no pain in the neck at all. It’s time to plug your spick-and-span earphones into your device and listen to your most cherished music breathing the freshness.

Some Common Don’ts

While it’s super easy to clean your earphones' wire at home, surprisingly, there are quite a few things that you’re never supposed to do. That way, you will prevent a blunder from happening and save your earphones or the corresponding device from short-circuiting. To make sure nothing happens like that, do the following:

  1. Make sure you’re doing it the right away. That’s why you need to first read the manual that came packed with your original earphones as that will allow you to be acquainted with cleaning fundamentals. That might also shed light on whether or not your earphones are water-resistant.
  2. It is okay to remove the tip of the earpiece if they are removable, but if they are not removable, don’t push it too hard. The same goes for the wireless headsets that have silicon covers. If your earpiece is having silicon covers, you may remove them.
  3. This is very important. Before you do anything or even follow the 1st step of this step-by-step guide, we strongly recommend you to unplug the earphones from the device. That’s because if you clean your earphones' wire while they’re plugged into your smartphone, it may cause short-circuit, and that will be disastrous.

Summing Up

So, that was it – an ultimate step-by-step guide on ‘How to clean your earphones' wire at home’ without difficulty. If you believe that you were able to clean your earphones using this article, we are glad that we were helpful, and if you spread the word, it would make our day!