Is The Fluance RT82 Worth It? – All You Need To Know About Fluance RT82!

Since 1999 the Fluance has grown to become a major brand in the home audio industry. Maybe this could be your new record player to upgrade your stereo system. And now Fluance is introducing new record players aiming to achieve the quality of a pure analog sound, this might be just the right time for you to purchase your new record player. 

Is the fluence RT82 Worth trying? The answer to that question is probably yes. However, the Fluance RT82 Turntable created by Fluance that comes with a semi-automatic turntable. In this article, we will discuss how the Fluance RT82 Turntable is worth trying and more about it. Let’s find out.

Fluance RT82 Review

What is Fluance RT82?

It’s the entry-level turntable created by Fluance that comes up with a is a semi-automatic turntable that is capable of stopping automatically when the record has stopped playing. Moreover, this model is having a different cartridge and the platter is aluminum which is similar to RT81, RT83, and RT84 models.

Also, the tonearm is made of aluminum, which offers superior clarity and warmth in sound production. The length of the tonearm is 8.82” and it boasts a top-of-the-line MMA cartridge. This is ideal for those who look out for precision in the sound.

When it comes o its design, the solid wood plinth makes it sturdy and gives a stunning look. And it is equipped with the 3 rubber isolation feet that are height adjustable to get rid of the resonance during the playback.

Is It Worth Buying The Fluance RT82?

If you’re looking for a turntable then consider buying Fluance’s Reference Turntables. The Fluance RT82 can be purchased on Amazon as well as Fluance’s own website, as it features the Stylus 10 by Ortofon a well-known -mechanical powerhouse.

And when it comes to the sound quality it provides excellent sound quality, with all the nuance of the analog sound. This turntable is considered an entry-level and the sound quality provides the record player’s best feature.

The Fluance RT82 is equipped with an s-shaped tonearm and a beautiful aluminum playback speed control knob that allows you to choose between 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm.  And the main disc is made of aluminum and a flat belt connects it to the motor, it is much better as it is separated from the disc, thus avoiding unwanted motor noise. 

However, the motor is a servo-driven DC motor that is isolated from the turntable disc that helps reduce unwanted noise during operation. The difference between the newbie model and the more professional version is the lack of a phono stage on the RT82.

You may want to make sure that there’s no dust on the platter to experience clarity in every vinyl record playing on your turntable. Then this Fluance RT82 turntable comes with a tinted dust cover that keeps it safe from the dust and debris of other solid material.

A dust cover is important to keep your vinyl player safe, especially a transparent dust cover that gives your turntable a next-level look.  The noticeable So it is super affordable, especially when we take into consideration the Fluance RT82’s price and the fact that it is considered an entry-level device. Also, its quality is excellent such as construction, design, sound quality, and durability. 

Fluance RT82 produces high-performance audio products. If you just want to add a new turntable, or else do you want a turntable that will give a great start to your journey of playing a turntable! then RT82 is a great option for high-fidelity playback. And it can be a great choice for beginners as it comes with a price tag that won’t hurt your budget.