How To Clean Marine Speakers?

We all love music and dancing on groove-worthy tunes, and as much as we love this, we also love enjoying a lively water party with boats or cruises. But would it be equally fun and exciting if our marine speakers wouldn’t play our favorite music with the same amazing sound quality, which gives us worthy party vibes?

Would it be fine to play and enjoy average music at your stupendous and rocking party? Would you like to listen to some bland music with absolutely no thrill and without the same power to groove up the entire room? Will you adjust and compromise with the low-quality sound of your speakers during your party?

How To Clean Marine Speakers?

If you don’t want to experience the situations mentioned above, you will have to take care of your speakers. Yes, your speakers need or rather require regular maintenance and care too. If you don’t clean them regularly, their durability and depreciation rate would be enhanced significantly, resulting in distorted sound quality. You will again have to spend a hefty amount on buying new speakers for yourself.

How To Clean Marine Speakers

Do you want some tips on how to maintain and keep your speakers clean? If yes, then this article would be ideal for you. If you follow these easy and quick steps mentioned below, your speakers will continue to work as new.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Marine Speakers?

These are some quick cleaning tips for your best marine speakers

Air cans

First of all, if you have air cans at your place, use them on the speaker grills to reduce any dust and loose soil particles that might hamper your speaker’s sound amplification. These air cans offer and exert the pressure required to get rid of these particles in one shot, but if you don’t have these, you need not worry and spend your money on buying these.

Use a toothbrush with thin and soft bristles in order to reach the small holes in your grills and clean them.

Lint Remover

You should also use a lint remover once a week on your speaker’s grill to get rid of the very minute dust particles and strands that the air cans and the toothbrushes might not remove. Remember, do not rub the lint remover too hard on the grill, as the grills of some speakers are fragile and sensitive.

Wet cloth

Use a wet cloth to clean the speaker further, and as we are talking about Marine speakers, you need not worry about getting spoiled or damaged due to the wet cloth. One thing to remember while using the wet cloth is that the cloth should be soft like the microfiber cloth so that it does not introduce any scratches on your speaker’s body.


One time-worthy practice that one should follow if a marine speaker is to dry them. Firstly, as soon as you are done with your party, dry the speaker with a dry cloth which needs to be soft due to the reasons that have been mentioned above, a microfiber cloth will be highly recommended.

After drying the speaker with the cloth, use a dryer or a hairdryer. This will absorb any moisture present in your speaker so that the speaker does not get damaged if the water has reached its internal parts.

In case you do not have a dryer, then there is also an alternative method. After every use, you can place the speaker in a tub full of rice. The rice will perform the same task as the dryer and will absorb any excess moisture which will be there in your speaker.

This will enhance the durability of your speaker to a large extent and reduce the level of depreciation enormously.

Heat and magnets

One more important thing to note to maintain your speakers is not to subject them to excessive heat and keep them away from magnets. This is because some marine speakers do not have the best thermal resistance. The electromagnets used in the speakers might get damaged if introduced to any external magnetic force.


It is very important to maintain your marine speakers to enjoy their services for a longer period. If you adhere to the quick cleaning tips mentioned above, your speaker will work smoothly without any distortion in the sound quality.