How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Connect‌ ‌Bluetooth‌ ‌Headphones‌ ‌To‌ ‌Laptop?‌ ‌

The usage of headphones has become popular in this modern age. And there are many upgraded models available in the market with the capability to connect with any device. You may already know how to pair Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone, but at the same time, you might not be quite so obvious how to do this on your laptop. 

The good news is, it is simple to set up Bluetooth devices on your laptop.  Continue reading this full article, to learn how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your laptop. Let’s check out.

Simple Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Laptop

Connect‌ ‌Bluetooth‌ ‌Headphones‌ ‌To‌ ‌Laptop

Most of the laptops have Bluetooth buttons on the keyboard or in the sidebars, or else you can access it from shortcut keys or the windows.

First Method:

Second Method:

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

Here is a quick way to find whether your laptop is giving you an issue connecting the Bluetooth. Let’s find out.

3 Main Driver Factors That Create Issues

Here are some 3 Drive factors that create issues in connecting Bluetooth headphones to your laptop. Let’s check out.

Sometimes the existing drivers are obsolete and are no longer compatible with Windows 10, then it’s time to run the system for the update. Also, it is better to have the latest driver.

An improper or incorrect can create a lot of issues, it may not only make the Bluetooth not work but it can also work up to other hardware. So make sure to opt for the right and proper drivers.

It is possible to accidentally uninstall or remove the Bluetooth driver, and in this case, the Bluetooth will not connect. So you have to reinstall the right driver by the model. 

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How to Update the Driver?

You can update the driver using the driver easily. Driver easy is created to access all the drivers that a system might need. It has both a free version and a professional version where you can use both versions to download drivers automatically. With the help of the Professional version, you can even update all drivers with one click and it will not waste your time. And the best part is that you will enjoy free technical support.

And if you choose to download the driver by yourself, then there is Driver Easy option for you. This helps to fix the Bluetooth driver issue on the laptop. So you can consider using Driver Easy, it will scan your laptop and find out all outdated and improper drivers.

Then it gives a list of new drivers that are compatible with your laptop. From there choose and download the driver that you need, all you need to do is double click on the driver.

The tips mentioned above are simple and straightforward, this will help you to connect your headphones like a Pro regardless of the type of your headphones’ model. You may know the solutions that I have mentioned above Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop. Hope you found this article useful and helped you to find the best ways to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your laptop. Let us know in the comments.