10 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

Are you the one who prefers listening to high-quality music while on the go, in the studio, or at the office? Then choose Planar magnetic headphones as they are well known amongst the audiophile community but not so much to the casual observer.

In many audiophile communities, the demand for planar magnetic headphones has grown and many companies have introduced a number of new models that are renowned for their good sound.

Find the best pair of Planar magnetic headphones can be an absolute chore because there are too many options to count. To put an end to your confusion, in this guide we've reviewed the best planar magnetic headphones on the market right now. Learn more about these headphones, and use this info to choose the ideal planar headphones.

What are Planar Magnetic Headphones?

A planar magnetic headphone uses a magnetic field around a conductor with electrical current flowing through it to move the diaphragm. These headphones can be thought of as the fusion of two headphone driver technologies, the dynamic driver and the electrostatic driver

However, the diaphragm of a planar magnetic driver is a thin sheet of flexible transparent film and the dynamic drivers use the magnetic field around a conductor that has current flowing through it to drive the diaphragm.

They function differently from dynamic drivers, as they use a flat diaphragm rather than a typical cone or dome-shaped membrane. In earlier, the planar magnetic headphone designs were limited to double-sided magnetic arrays and that made them quite heavy.

Buying guide for choosing a best Planar Magnetic Headphone


Planar magnetic drivers are more durable than any other dynamic driver. That's the main reason why you should get planar magnetic headphones. But you should also check for the materials the headband and the hinges connecting the headband with the earcups are made of.

Planar Magnets

Make sure to choose the headphones with planar magnetic drivers because these drivers transport a high-quality audio experience. And you'll get a crystal-clear listening experience, so try to find the best of the best in this particular category.

Wood Earphone Housing

Wood earphone housing is attractive and the designs often feature zebra stripes which look absolutely amazing. This makes the headphones look more attractive and you'll feel like wearing a higher quality design.

Sound quality

This is another factor you should look for when choosing headphones. Because sometimes may end up disappointed if your new headphones have a poor listening experience. So try to choose the headphones that present high-quality sound.

Closed-back vs Openback

Open back and Closed-back is the two types of earcup designs. Open-Back headphones have their earcups open, which allows air and sound leakage through the earcups. So if you're looking for a headphone to use in an office or noisy place, then this not a right choice. This type of headphone is best used at home.

Closed-back headphone's earcups are completely sealed on the back. So that they only allow sound out through the earpads. And they are best for use in noisy places and commuting

Top 10 Planar Magnetic Headphones available online:

Let’s get into our top 10 best planar magnetic headphones!

1. Audeze LCD-X

It is one of the most popular headphones as they deliver world-class performance and can be considered one of the best-sounding headphones. If you like to experience an audiophile-grade sound quality, then LCD-X is an awesome option.

They come up with a very rugged carrying case, also a proprietary 8ft-long Y-shaped cable, user manual, 3-year warranty on drivers, and 1-year warranty on other parts. Audeze LCD-X is made of metal and looks very solid and durable.

The greatest highlight of this headphone is the sound, they deliver perfect sound with no compromises.


Frequency Response - 10 Hz – 50,000 Hz, Weight is 635g, wired, fit over-Ear, sensitivity is 103 dB/1mW


  • Attractive design
  • Good soundstage
  • Good instrument separation
  • Durable construction


  • Quite pricey


The Hifiman HE1000se comes in your standard stately Hifiman box that is covered in tan leather with a metal clasp. And it comes in the form of a thinner planar magnetic driver that translates to lower power requirements.

The neodymium magnets of HE1000se increase efficiency and lower distortion for the true purity of sound. It is known as the world leader in planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones.

The specially designed Hifiman HE1000 features a steady arch structure for stability and durability for years of usage without change in fit.


Transparent, Fit Over-ear, Weight is 6.19 lbs.


  • Nice quality and feel
  • Single-end cable feature
  • Increased efficiency
  • Excellent midbass
  • Crisp resolution


  • On the pricey end

3. Audeze iSINE20

The Audeze SINE is an on-ear, closed-back planar magnetic headphone that comes with planar magnetic drivers and a semi-open design. It is larger and bulkier than typical earphones, but they are still lightweight, measuring around 0.04 lb.

It is highly recommended for commuting and traveling because of its semi-open enclosures, which translates to mediocre sound isolation.

The Audeze iSINE20 is specially designed for listening to music at home and it is suitable for different music genres, the iSine 20 has excellent sound quality. The Audeze iSINE20 is well-built and comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.


Bronze Colored, Fit In-Ear, Weight is 0.74 oz.


  • Amazing clarity
  • The smooth and soft sound
  • Open and airy experience
  • Appealing aesthetic
  • Overall good package


  • Not that comfortable

4. Audeze LCD-2 Classic

Audeze LCD 2C is one of the more affordable entries in the LCD line but it is expensive than most headphones. And it is quite a different product from the LCD 2 and LCD 2 Closed Back.

They are built really well and are mostly made of metal and the LCD 2C significantly weighs more than the other brands. It comes with 70 ohms and does not necessarily need an amplifier.

Also, it comes with an open design, so that your ears may feel warm after hours of straight listening.


Black Color, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 2.12 oz, Incredible bass response.


  • Great bass for its price
  • Well-built design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Expansive soundstage
  • Durable


  • Quite big


They are wired over-ear headphones with an open design and a detachable audio cable. It offers a high-quality-sounding headphone at an affordable price, but the majority of the materials of the HE400S are made of plastic.

It is similar in style to the headband of the HE-400i and the HE-560 that features a great adjustment mechanism with a number of settings to fit different head sizes. And it offers a breathable surface, which keeps the earpads from getting hot over time.

The bass sound of this headphone is similar to the HD650, but the HE400S has a tighter bass response.


Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 12.3 oz, Amazing Hi-Fi quality, Innovative headband


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight design
  • Solid build quality
  • Inviting and warm vocals


  • Only one color option

6. HIFIMAN HE1000 V2

This is one of the strongest and most durable HIFIMAN headphones available in the market. Also, they represent a huge improvement compared to other HIFIMAN models, especially in terms of build quality.

The weight is nicely distributed and those huge pads are very plush and very comfortable. And it offers the most pleasant listening experience with the most amazing sonic performance.

It features the use of an advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit, to achieve an amazing balance between high sound technicality and high driver efficiency.


Gold, Silver, and Black colors are available, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 1.06 lbs, Nanometer-thick diaphragm.


  • Nanometer thick diaphragm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Beautifully layered sound
  • Expansive soundstage


  • Overly bulky connector

7. HIFIMAN Ananda

HIFIMAN Ananda headphones are designed for neutral listening that offers a well-balanced sound that easily caters to different music genres. produce a great amount of bass and vocals etc.

Also, it offers an appealing premium style that comes with a solid metal frame that is durable, though lacking swiveling joints. This type of headphones is recommended for use indoors, as they are not really designed for use outdoors.

HIFIMAN Ananda headphones feature huge and well-padded earcups that fit easily around different ear sizes.


Black color, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 0.88 lbs, Lightweight.


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly sensitive.
  • Asymmetrical earcup design.
  • Portable audio performance.
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm.


  • On the pricier end


It comes with an open quality design that features thin horizontal blades for the ear cups. And thus, it minimizes the sound reflections to a reasonable amount and exposes a good part of the back surface of its diaphragm to the air.

Moreover, it uses ultra-thin drivers that limit interference that gives a wider soundstage. The build of the HE 1000 SE model uses aluminum, steel, leather, and real cherry wood, which means you can easily feel the design quality when you hold this in your hand.


Transparent, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 6.19 lbs, User-replaceable connector design.


  • Asymmetrical ear cups
  • Invisible stealth magnets
  • Patented design – ‘window shade’
  • Sturdy and replaceable connector design
  • Nanometer thickness diaphragm


  • Big, not so portable
  • Expensive

9. AEON Flow

It is similar to the older design with some slight differences. And it features a hinge that allows the headphone to folded up with portability. These headphones could be a better option in terms of sound isolation, one reason for that is the possibility to be sealed on your head.

It does not just block sound that comes in but does well in blocking outgoing sound. And it results in overall improved performance in sound and technicality.


Black & Blue Highlights, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 0.72 lbs, Detachable Cable.


  • Clean sound.
  • Deep bass extension.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Amazingly light.
  • Includes hard carrying case.


  • The sound could be aggressive
  • Powerful amplifier

10. Fostex T50RP MK3

This is specially designed for professional recording use as it uses Fostex’s proprietary Regular Phase (RP). The architecture of this model is unique, and it comes with thick exterior rails.

Also, the driver housing features the backside which is square, and a part is attached to the ear pads.


Black color, Fit Over-Ear, Weight is 0.71 lbs, Refined Fostex proprietary RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm driver.


  • A reasonable level of soundstage
  • Clear labels for the headphones
  • Decent sound performance


  • Pads not that comfortable
  • Challenging to drive

How do Planar Magnetic Drivers work?

In most of the Planar Magnetic Drivers, a diaphragm is suspended between two magnets. So when the current is applied, it passes through the conductors in the diaphragm and creates a magnetic field. And this magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the magnets causing the conductors in the diaphragm to move.

In this process, the diaphragm moves simultaneously creating sound. Moreover, the magnets in planer drivers have an equal isodynamic magnetic field. This helps to ensure the current flow and force exerted on the diaphragm are constant despite the position of the conductors as the diaphragm moves. 

Are Planar Magnetic Headphones better than normal headphones?

Every type of headphones has its benefits and problems. But most users have implemented that planar magnetic drivers are better than dynamic drivers and they are much easy to drive, unlike electrostatic drivers. So here we've listed some of the advantages of planar magnetic drivers. Let's find out.

  • The large and powerful diaphragm gives a tight bass response to Planar Magnetic Headphones. This is because it has a bigger driver surface coupled with a powerful electromagnetic force that allows a large amount of air to be moved better.
  • A responsive diaphragm helps to find out how fast or slow a driver’s diaphragm can react to changes in the input signal. The planar magnetic driver has a very thin, and powerful magnetic force, that makes the diaphragm move faster and have a better response to even small changes in the input signal. This gives a better and punchy bass.
  • It uses a serpentine voice coil pattern, that reduces the impedance of the driver.
  • The driver is prone to less distortion.

Comparison with Electrostatic headphones

Electrostatic headphones consist of t an extremely thin diaphragm that sits in between two perforated metal plates. And it uses quickly alternating electrical charges to push and pull a thin diaphragm at rapid speeds.

Planar magnetic headphones use similar technology but have different operating principles. They mainly use the opposing sets of magnets on either side of the diaphragm that generates its own opposing magnetic field. That causes the oscillating movement and achieving the same result.

Final verdict

The evenly suspended diaphragm material of planar magnetic headphones allow sallow you to enjoy high-quality sound that’s free from static noise and distortions. But choosing the best planar magnetic headphones could be quite challenging because every set of headphones offers a unique set of features and advantages. 

The choice may depend on what your personal needs and preferences are. Hope this guide and reviews helped you to choose the best planar headphone.